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BN055: REGAL AFRICAN QUEEN - Vintage Bone Black African Jewelry Pin / Brooch

VJ254: FLORAL FANTASY - Vintage Jewelry Hand Carved Bone Stretch Bracelet


VJ161: DEER CAPTURED IN MINIATURE - Victorian Jewelry Ivory / Bone Deer Brooch / Pin

BN072: BOUQUET OF THE ANGELS - Victorian Jewelry Antique Bone Locket

IV068: THE ROMANCE OF ROSES - Victorian Jewelry Ivory Earrings

IV071: LUSH GARDEN OF BLOSSOMS - Victorian Antique Ivory Jewelry Necklace with Floral Pendant

MJ144: RARE HOPE - Antique Victorian Mourning Art Framed Bone Figure

IV063: THE SCENT OF HEAVENLY ROSES - Victorian Ivory Jewelry Cross Pendant

IV056: THE POWER OF HONOR AND VICTORY - Victorian Jewelry Ivory Cross Pendant

IV052: IVORY BIRD NESTED IN FLORAL SPLENDOR - Victorian Ivory Jewelry Bird & Floral Brooch / Pin

IV070: COVETED CUPID - Victorian Antique Ivory Jewelry Cupid Brooch / Pin

IV039A.JPG (33383 bytes)

IV039: DIVINE HARVEST - Victorian Jewelry Ivory Locket

IV064: IVORY PORTRAIT CAMEO - Edwardian Jewelry Ivory Cameo Necklace & Pendant


IV048: THE QUEEN’S FLOWER - Victorian Jewelry Ivory / Bone Hand Brooch / Pin


IV058: LINKS & LEAVES - Victorian Jewelry Ivory / Bone Bracelet

IV061: JOYFUL IVORY IRIS - Vintage Jewelry Ivory Floral Brooch / Pin

IV042: THE ROSE SCENT OF ROMANCE - Victorian Jewelry Ivory Brooch

IV018A.jpg (31380 bytes)

IV018: DRAMATIC IVORY DRAGONS - Vintage Ivory Jewelry Bracelet

IV051: CLASPED HANDS OF FRIENDSHIP - Victorian Ivory Jewelry Hand Pendant

IV040A.JPG (49804 bytes)

IV040: ROMANTIC ROSES ( Victorian Jewelry Ivory Earrings

IV029: INCREDIBLE IVORY IMAGE - Victorian Jewelry Ivory Cameo Brooch

IV047: IVORY MUSICAL MUSE - Victorian Jewelry Ivory Cameo Brooch / Pin

IV010B.jpg (45127 bytes)

IV010: IVORY GUARD DOGS  - Victorian Ivory Jewelry Bracelet

IV053: FLORA BRINGS SPRING - Victorian Jewelry Ivory Cameo Pendant

IV012A.jpg (15508 bytes)

IV012: GIVE THE LADY A HAND - Victorian Ivory Jewelry Hand Pin

IV041: ROMANTIC IVORY ROSES - Victorian Jewelry Ivory Bracelet

IV045: IVORY MISTRESS OF THE FLOWERS - Victorian / Edwardian Jewelry Ivory Cameo Brooch / Pendant

IV019A.jpg (44892 bytes)

IV019: SECRET GARDEN - Edwardian Carved Ivory Jewelry Pendant

IV044: FLORAL FANTASY - Victorian Jewelry Ivory Locket

IV025A.jpg (39638 bytes)

IV024: IVORY DELICATE AS LACE - Edwardian Ivory Jewelry Pendant

IV028: IVORY HUNTER AND COMPANIONS - Victorian Jewelry Ivory Brooch


IV026A.jpg (63631 bytes)

IV026: ROMANTIC IVORY LILAC BLOSSOMS - Victorian Jewelry Ivory Lilac Earrings

IV027A.JPG (64038 bytes)

IV027: IVORY ROSES ROUND YOUR WRIST - Victorian Jewelry Ivory Bracelet

IV043: THE WINGS OF LOVE - Victorian Ivory Jewelry Cupid Brooch

IV016A.jpg (35532 bytes)

IV016: TEARS OF THE VIRGIN MARY - Victorian Ivory Jewelry Earrings

IV033A.JPG (41336 bytes)

IV033: IVORY GARDEN OF LOVE - Victorian Ivory Jewelry Locket

IV011C.jpg (58243 bytes)

IV011: IVORY BOTANICAL GARDEN - Victorian Carved Ivory Jewelry Bracelet

IV004A.jpg (43784 bytes)

IV004: WE GO EVERYWHERE TOGETHER - Vintage Ivory Jewelry Bangle Bracelets

IV015A.jpg (40584 bytes)

IV015: SPRING CAPTURED IN IVORY - Victorian Ivory Jewelry Floral Brooch

IV014A.jpg (71560 bytes)

IV014: RUNNING THRU TIME - Victorian Ivory Jewelry Pin

IV017A.jpg (39697 bytes)

IV017: HANDING YOU THE PERFECT GIFT Victorian Ivory / Bone Jewelry Hand Pin 

IV049: ELEPHANT WALK - Vintage Ivory Jewelry Bangle Bracelet

IV020A.jpg (54136 bytes)

IV020: ONE PERFECT BLOSSOM - Vintage Ivory Jewelry Brooch

IV023A.jpg (42973 bytes)

IV023: RICH IVORY AND SCRIMSHAW LOCKET - Victorian Ivory Jewelry Locket

IV025A.jpg (74596 bytes)

IV025: ENCHANTING LILAC MESSAGE - Victorian Jewelry Ivory Brooch

IV005A.jpg (44367 bytes)

IV005: IVORY BERRY BRANCH - Victorian Ivory Jewelry Floral Brooch

IV030A.JPG (35875 bytes)

IV030: THE POETRY OF FLOWERS - Victorian Jewelry Antique Ivory Locket

VJ043A.jpg (46939 bytes)

VJ043: DIVINE DECO - Victorian Jewelry Carved Bone Pendant

IV003A.jpg (42169 bytes)

IV003: IVORY AND INDIAN - Vintage Ivory Jewelry Hopi Pin / Pendant

IV006A.jpg (27406 bytes)

IV006: CHILD OF WONDER & DELIGHT - Victorian Ivory Jewelry Pendant

MJ003A.jpg (28042 bytes)

MJ003:CROSSES AND LOSSES - Victorian Mourning Jewelry Ivory Cross Brooch

Victorian Mourning Jewelry

IV013: FAITH AND FIDELITY - Victorian Mourning Jewelry Ivory Cross Pendant

IV035A.JPG (25512 bytes)

IV035: FROM CRADLE TO GRAVE - Victorian Jewelry Ivory Cross

IV034A.JPG (27692 bytes)

IV034: IVORY GRAPES OF FAITH - Victorian Ivory Jewelry Cross Pendant

IV021.JPG (25615 bytes)

IV021: THE SPIRIT AND THE ROSE - Victorian Jewelry Ivory Pendant

IV008A.jpg (61688 bytes)

IV008: IVORY SNOWDROPS SAY IT’S SPRING - Art Nouveau Ivory Jewelry Brooch

IV036A.JPG (43110 bytes)

IV036: SCOTTISH THISTLE BLOOMS IN IVORY - Victorian Jewelry Ivory Thistle Brooch

IV050: THE FAITHFUL PROMISE OF LOYALTY - Victorian Jewelry Ivory Cross Pendant

VJ036A.jpg (74500 bytes)

VJ036: GARDEN UNDER GLASS - Victorian Carved Ivory Jewelry Brooch 

IV046: CHERRY PICKING CHARMER - Victorian Jewelry Ivory Portrait Miniature Pendant

VJ121: THE AGE OF INNOCENCE - Edwardian Ivory Portrait Miniature / Pendant

VJ076A.jpg (51963 bytes)

VJ076: RADIANT MADONNA - Victorian Ivory Jewelry Portrait Miniature Pin / Pendant

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