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VJ224: GARNET TEARDROPS - Antique Victorian Jewelry Garnet Pierced Earrings

VJ197: RULER OF THE SKIES - Victorian Jewelry Eagle & Diamond Brooch / Watch Pin / Pendant

VJ178: ARTS & CRAFTS POOL of LIGHT - Art Nouveau/Arts & Crafts Jewelry Silver “Pool of Light” Necklace

VJ241: PRECIOUS 3 LITTLE KITTENS - Vintage Sterling Silver Guilloché Compact Pendant Necklace

VJ093A.jpg (30524 bytes)

VJ093: CARNELIAN PROMISE OF HOPE - Victorian Jewelry Scottish Brooch/Pendant

VJ263: DANCING “POOLS OF LIGHT” - Vintage Art Deco Jewelry Pools of Light Earrings

VJ245: TRUE BLUE “POOLS OF LIGHT” - Antique Jewelry “Pools of Light” Quartz Crystal Necklace

VJ228: ETERNALLY INTRIGUING - Antique Victorian Jewelry Snake Bracelet

VJ238: TIMELESS AGATE & CRYSTAL LOCKET - Victorian Antique Agate Jewelry Locket

VJ221: IRIDESCENT AVIARY - Antique Victorian Jewelry Hummingbird Brooch / Pin

VJ232: FLUTTERING WONDER - Antique Arts & Crafts Jewelry Peacock Eye Brooch / Pin

VJ235: GLORIOUS BANDED BEADS - Antique Victorian Jewelry Banded Agate Necklace with Locket

VJ181: CANDLELIGHT SPARKLERS - Victorian Jewelry Cut Steel Earrings

VJ229: THE ROAR OF THE RAJ - Antique Victorian Jewelry Tiger Claw Stick Pin

VJ257: RAJ TIGER CLAW EARRINGS - Antique Victorian Jewelry Raj Tiger Claw Earrings

VJ264: THE BOUNTY OF THE SEA - Antique Victorian Jewelry Tortoiseshell Earrings

VJ249: HIGHLANDS SCOTTISH CROSS - Antique Victorian Scottish Jewelry Agate Cross Pendant

VJ084A.jpg (44684 bytes)

VJ084: ROSY-FINGERED DAWN -Victorian / Edwardian Jewelry Locket & Watch Pin

VJ155: LUSTROUS TORTOISESHELL CRESCENT - Antique Victorian Jewelry Tortoiseshell Brooch / Pin

VJ198: QUITE A CATCH - Victorian Jewelry Raj Tiger Claw Brooch / Pin

VJ208: SCOTTISH BLUE BEAUTIES - Victorian Scottish Jewelry Agate Earrings

VJ246: RADIANT “PEACOCK EYE” RING - Antique Edwardian Jewelry Peacock Eye Ring

VJ227: TRIPLE TREAT - Antique Victorian Jewelry Gold Snake Ring

VJ143: PIQUÉ FROM THE SEA - Victorian Jewelry Piqué Earrings

VJ187: THE HUNTER AND THE HUNTED - Victorian Jewelry Tiger Claw Brooch / Pin

VJ179: THE BIGGEST & THE BEST of RAJ - Victorian Jewelry Tiger Claw Brooch / Pin

VJ182: LIONS & TIGERS & BEARS! - Victorian Jewelry Tiger Claw Brooch / Pin

VJ206: CHRISTIAN TRILOGY - Victorian Jewelry Faith, Hope & Charity Pin / Brooch

VJ239: THE LOST ART OF PIQUÉ - Victorian Antique Jewelry Piqué Tortoiseshell Earrings

VJ225: PEACOCK EYE DAINTY DELIGHT - Antique Arts & Crafts Period Jewelry Peacock Eye Pendant & Chain

VJ174: CRYSTAL “POOLS OF LIGHT” - Vintage Jewelry “Pools of Light” Crystal Necklace

MJ097: ETERNAL SERPENT - Victorian Mourning Jewelry Snake Brooch / Pin

VJ159: DELICATE PEACOCK EYE RING - Arts & Crafts Jewelry Peacock Eye Sterling Silver Ring

VJ156: TAJ MAHAL – THE JEWEL OF INDIA - Victorian Jewelry Taj Mahal Ivory Portrait Miniature Brooch

VJ220: EDWARDIAN DOUBLE BOW EARRINGS - Antique Edwardian Jewelry Silver Pierced Earrings

VJ218: GLORIOUS BANDS OF BEAUTY - Victorian Jewelry Banded Agate Brooch / Pin

VJ122A.JPG (23869 bytes)

VJ122: SPIRITUALITY IN THE HIGHEST DEGREE - Victorian Jewelry Amethyst Cross Pendant

VJ151: AIMING FOR YOUR HEART - Victorian Jewelry Sterling Silver Arrow Brooch / Pin

VJ070A.jpg (95707 bytes)

VJ070: LEAVES OF IRISH BOG OAK - Victorian Jewelry Irish Bog Oak Bracelet

VJ148: VOTES FOR WOMAN – SUFFRAGETTE COLORS - Edwardian Jewelry Suffragette Earrings

VJ018: THE PATH HOME - Victorian Ivory Jewelry Portrait Miniature Brooch

VJ109A.jpg (26809 bytes)

VJ109: FIT FOR A QUEEN - Victorian Jewelry Crystal Stick Pin

VJ193: THE QUEEN’S FAVORITE - Victorian Jewelry Essex Crystal Pug Stick Pin

VJ216: MINIATURE MASTERPIECE - Victorian Jewelry Essex Crystal Pug Dog Pendant

VJ200: ON THE VERGE OF THE CENTURY - Victorian Jewelry “Coral” Locket

VJ153: THE ART OF PIQUÉ - Victorian Jewelry Piqué Tortoiseshell Earrings

VJ145: SWIRLS OF AGATE IN LACE - Victorian Jewelry Agate Earrings

VJ175: ANOTHER ANGEL GETS HER WINGS - Victorian Jewelry Ivory Portrait Miniature / Pendant

VJ202: STRIPES OF THE HIGHLAND - Victorian Scottish Agate Jewelry Earrings

VJ057A.jpg (62188 bytes)

VJ057: VERSATILE VICTORIANA - Victorian Jewelry Gold Watch Pin

VJ110A.JPG (58756 bytes)

VJ110: FABULOUS VICTORIAN SWIVEL FOB - Victorian Jewelry Watch Fob Necklace

VJ107A.JPG (97902 bytes)

VJ107: A PROMISE OF HOPE - Victorian Jewelry Jet Brooch

VJ049A.jpg (60831 bytes)

VJ049: QUEEN VICTORIA’S PASSION - Victorian Jewelry Antique Scottish Agate Brooch

VJ046A.jpg (51765 bytes)

VJ046: GRAND GLASGOW GLITTER - Vintage Scottish Jewelry Agate Brooch

VJ113A.JPG (23990 bytes)

VJ113MYSTERIOUS MOONSTONES - Edwardian Jewelry Moonstone Bracelet

VJ135: SUFFRAGETTE COLORS - Edwardian Jewelry Suffragette Brooch

VJ108A.JPG (98090 bytes)

VJ108: ORNATE COFFEE & MILK AGATE - Victorian Jewelry Banded Agate Brooch

VJ195: GLITTERING GARNET FEATHER - Victorian Jewelry Garnet Brooch / Pin

VJ201: SENSUOUS SLEEP - Art Nouveau Jewelry Sterling Silver Brooch / Watch Pin

VJ111A.JPG (89899 bytes)

VJ111: ENCHANTING CORAL CHRYSANTHEMUM - Victorian Jewelry Coral Brooch

VJ188: CLAW QUARTET - Victorian Jewelry Tiger Claw Brooch / Pin

VJ184: RAJ CAT CLAW EARRINGS - Victorian Jewelry Raj Claw Earrings

VJ167: GOLDEN BIRD AND CLAW - Victorian Tiger Claw Jewelry Brooch/Pin

VJ164: MEMENTO OF THE HUNT - Victorian Jewelry Tiger Claw Brooch / Pin

VJ177: BANDS OF BEAUTY - Victorian Jewelry Banded Agate Earrings

VJ119A.JPG (53556 bytes)

VJ119: PEACOCK EYES & STERLING SHELLS - Arts and Crafts Jewelry Peacock Eye Earrings

VJ146: THE BRILLIANCE OF CUT STEEL - Victorian Jewelry Cut Steel Earrings

VJ160: HEAVENLY ENAMEL - Art Nouveau Jewelry Cloisonné Enamel Angel / Cherub Brooch / Pin

VJ183: TIMELESS FLASH & FIRE GARNETS - Victorian Jewelry Bohemian Garnet Brooch / Pin

VJ055A.jpg (126747 bytes)

VJ055: TUT’S TREASURE - Vintage Silver & Carnelian Necklace

VJ185: THE YEAR OF THE TIGER - Victorian Jewelry Tiger Claw Brooch

VJ170: VICTORIAN RAGE FOR THE RAJ - Victorian Jewelry Tiger Claw Pendant

VJ128A.JPG (54663 bytes)

VJ128 : GRAY MISTS OF SCOTLAND - Victorian Scottish Jewelry Brooch

VJ094A.JPG (46069 bytes)

VJ094: TINY GLASS WONDER - Victorian Jewelry Micro Mosaic Pendant

VJ147:  VOTES FOR WOMAN - SUFFRAGETTE COLORS - Edwardian Jewelry Suffragette Pendant

VJ165: FIERY STARBURST GARNETS - Victorian Jewelry Garnet Pendant / Brooch / Pin

VJ071A.jpg (56718 bytes)

VJ071: TARTAN IN STONE - Victorian Jewelry Antique Scottish Agate Brooch

VJ172: THE ENCHANTMENT OF CORAL - Victorian Jewelry Carved Coral Bracelet with Locket Clasp

VJ163: THE CALL OF THE SEA - Victorian Jewelry Coral Brooch / Pin & Earrings Set

VJ030A.jpg (34967 bytes)

VJ030: BRILLIANT LADY LOCKET - Art Nouveau Jewelry Gold Locket

VJ154: MYSTICAL MAN IN THE MOON - Edwardian Jewelry “Man in the Moon” Moonstone Ring

VJ150: FEATHERED WINGS OF LOVE - Victorian Jewelry Tortoise Shell Cupid Brooch / Pin

VJ017A.jpg (52261 bytes)

VJ017: GARNETS & GOLD & HAIR = PURE VICTORIAN - Victorian Jewelry Garnet & Hair Brooch / Pin

VJ090A.JPG (82888 bytes)

VJ090: THISTLE BLOSSOMS IN JET - Victorian Jewelry Jet Brooch

VJ050A.jpg (28794 bytes)

VJ050: "NEW LOVE" LOCKET - Victorian Jewelry Floral Enamel Locket

VJ102A.JPG (95306 bytes)

VJ102: ENDLESS LOVER’S KNOT - Victorian Jewelry Archeological Revival Brooch

VJ140: ETERNITY & POWER - Victorian Jewelry Vulcanite Snake Brooch

VJ087A.jpg (46901 bytes)

VJ087: BUTTERFLIES AND BUBBLES -Vintage Jewelry Butterfly Wing Pendant

VJ162: DOUBLE BUCKLE BEAUTY - Victorian Jewelry Sterling Buckle Locket

VJ118A.JPG (31551 bytes)

VJ118: CLASSIC BANDED BEAUTY - Victorian Jewelry Banded Agate Cross Pendant

VJ169: RICH TREASURE OF THE SEA - Victorian Tortoiseshell Jewelry Necklace & Pendant

VJ101A.JPG (62283 bytes)

VJ101: THE WINGED SOUL - Victorian Jewelry Sparrow Brooch

MJ066: SYMBOLIC SNAKE - Victorian Jewelry Snake Pendant

VJ138: FEATHERED FISHERMAN - Victorian Jewelry Silver Bird Brooch

VJ104A.jpg (74558 bytes)

VJ104: FEMININE FLORAL AGATE - Victorian Jewelry Agate Brooch

VJ132: EXOTIC EGYPTIAN ADORNMENT - Victorian Jewelry Egyptian Revival Scarab Cross

VJ127A.JPG (30984 bytes)

VJ127: SCOTTISH HIGHLAND’S MIST - Victorian Scottish Jewelry Agate Cross Pendant

VJ168: SHIMMERING BUTTERFLY TAKES FLIGHT - Victorian Cut Steel Jewelry Butterfly Brooch / Pin

VJ136: YOU MAKE ME COMPLETE - Victorian Jewelry Sterling Silver Buckle Bracelet

VJ068A.jpg (37486 bytes)

VJ068: NIELLO GEOMETRIC CROSS - Victorian Jewelry Niello Cross Pendant

VJ123A.JPG (29718 bytes)

VJ123: THE COLOR AND POWER OF AMETHYST - Georgian Jewelry Amethyst Brooch

VJ081A.jpg (72747 bytes)

VJ081: A BASKET OF PINK ROSES - Edwardian Jewelry Enamel Locket

VJ024A.jpg (72806 bytes)

VJ024: EXOTIC INDIA ON IVORY - Victorian Jewelry Portrait Miniature Brooch

VJ086A.JPG (61530 bytes)

VJ086: PRETTY PINK ROSES ON BLUE ENAMEL _ Edwardian Jewelry Enamel Locket

VJ031A.jpg (70515 bytes)

VJ031: FILIGREE FLORAL BOUQUET - Victorian Jewelry Petra Dura Brooch

VJ066A.jpg (75908 bytes)

VJ066: DOUBLE HOOP LOOPS - Victorian Jewelry Earrings

VJ134: THE CROSS OF ST. ANDREW - Victorian Jewelry Scottish Brooch

VJ092A.JPG (75350 bytes)

VJ092: AGATE BUTTERFLIES - Victorian Jewelry Antique Scottish Brooch

VJ120A.JPG (26532 bytes)

VJ120 : NATURE’S WONDER - Arts and Crafts Jewelry Peacock Eye Earrings

VJ126A.JPG (37921 bytes)

VJ126 : BRILLIANT & EXOTIC PEACOCK EYE - Edwardian Jewelry Peacock Eye Ring

VJ115.JPG (32454 bytes)

VJ115: THE “EYE” OF PEACOCK TAIL FEATHER - Edwardian Jewelry Peacock Eye Ring

VJ114.JPG (38015 bytes)

VJ114: ARTS & CRAFTS “PEACOCK EYES” - Arts and Crafts Jewelry Peacock Eye Earrings

VJ037A.jpg (40768 bytes)

VJ037: ROMANTIC ANCHOR OF HOPE - Victorian Jewelry Silver & Agate Pendant

VJ089A.JPG (86113 bytes)

VJ089: THE ROYAL CREST - Victorian Jewelry Antique Scottish Enamel Pin / Pendant

VJ063A.jpg (46563 bytes)

VJ063: HIGHLAND HEART - Edwardian Jewelry Antique Scottish Agate Heart Brooch

VJ033A.jpg (70449 bytes)

VJ033: CHARMING CHARMS - Victorian Jewelry Gold Watch Pin & Agate Charms

VJ099A.JPG (66020 bytes)

VJ099: GREAT WHITE HUNTER MEMENTO - Victorian Jewelry Tiger Claw Brooch

VJ098A.JPG (74920 bytes)

VJ098: DRAGON’S CLAW - Victorian Jewelry Carved Horn & Sterling Pendant

VJ130A.JPG (84003 bytes)

VJ130: REGAL & EXOTIC INDIA - Victorian Jewelry Tiger Claw Brooch / Pin

VJ069A.jpg (42626 bytes)

VJ069: EXOTIC TRIBUTE TO THE EMPRESS OF INDIA - Victorian Jewelry Tiger Claw Pendant

VJ097A.JPG (57670 bytes)

VJ097: JEWELS OF JET - Victorian Jewelry Antique Whitby Jet Earrings

VJ091A.JPG (50655 bytes)

VJ091: FRINGE MOVEMENT - Victorian Jewelry Agate Earrings

VJ095A.JPG (55734 bytes)

VJ095: THE PASSION OF DEEP RED - Victorian Jewelry Garnet Earrings

VJ061A.jpg (52452 bytes)

VJ061: BANDED AGATE TEARDROPS - Victorian Banded Agate Cameo Earrings

VJ112A.JPG (30121 bytes)

VJ112: GRAND AMPHORA URNS - Victorian Jewelry Tortoiseshell Earrings

VJ082A.jpg (44491 bytes)

VJ082: THE ROMANCE OF SCOTLAND - Victorian Jewelry Antique Scottish Agate Earrings

VJ080A.jpg (43112 bytes)

VJ080: SYMBOLS OF THE SUN-GOD - Victorian Jewelry Egyptian Revival Earrings

VJ020A.jpg (42444 bytes)

VJ020: BLACK TEAR - Victorian Mourning Jewelry Earrings

VJ075A.jpg (71825 bytes)

VJ075: A PERFECT FIT - Victorian Jewelry Silver Buckle Locket

VJ077A.jpg (36090 bytes)

VJ077: JET BLACK BUCKLE - Victorian Jewelry Whitby Jet Bracelet

VJ004A.jpg (46381 bytes)

VJ004: SCENTS OF THE PAST - Victorian Jewelry Silver Perfume Bottle Pin 

VJ103A.jpg (51986 bytes)

VJ103: SWEET PASTE HEART - Georgian Jewelry Locket / Pendant

VJ067A.jpg (41177 bytes)

VJ067: GLITTERING GARNET STARBURST - Victorian Jewelry Garnet Locket

VJ100A.JPG (69354 bytes)

VJ100: GLORIOUS GARNET BUTTERFLY - Victorian Jewelry Garnet Brooch

VJ016A.jpg (33428 bytes)

VJ016: GARNETS TAKE FLIGHT - Victorian Jewelry Garnet Brooch

VJ053A.jpg (51394 bytes)

VJ053: STARBURST OF GARNETS - Victorian Jewelry Garnet Brooch

VJ088A.JPG (71918 bytes)

VJ088: AGATE CIRCLE OF HOPE - Victorian Jewelry Agate Brooch

VJ039A.jpg (68677 bytes)

VJ039: CURATIVE CORAL - Victorian Gold & Coral Jewelry Watch Pin 

VJ083A.JPG (58903 bytes)

VJ083: WINGS OF PEARL - Victorian Jewelry Butterfly Brooch / Watch Pin

VJ029A.jpg (55110 bytes)

VJ029: COLOR BANDS AND CRYSTALS - Victorian Jewelry Antique Scottish Brooch

VJ045A.jpg (32788 bytes)

VJ045: TOMB RAIDERS - Egyptian Revival Jewelry Pin

VJ060A.jpg (45520 bytes)

VJ060: MOSS AGATE MARVEL - Victorian Jewelry Antique Scottish Brooch

VJ022A.jpg (61625 bytes)

VJ022: THISTLE BLOSSOM IN A SCOTTISH AGATE FIELD - Victorian Jewelry Antique Scottish Agate Brooch

VJ048A.jpg (35238 bytes)

VJ048: GARNETS HIDE A SECRET - Victorian Jewelry Garnet Locket

VJ009a.jpg (54970 bytes)

VJ009: IF 1 TASSEL IS GOOD - 11 ARE GREAT - Vintage Necklace

VJ034A.jpg (77509 bytes)

VJ034: CLASSIC DESIGN - Victorian Jewelry Earrings

VJ040A.jpg (34317 bytes)

VJ040: PROTECTIVE POWERS - Victorian Coral Jewelry Earrings

VJ054A.jpg (35232 bytes)

VJ054: BLOSSOM DROPS - Victorian Coral Jewelry Earrings

VJ073A.jpg (41276 bytes)

VJ073: BANDED BEAUTY - Victorian Jewelry Banded Agate Bracelet

VJ019A.jpg (57971 bytes)

VJ019: HIGHLAND HIGHLIGHT - Victorian Jewelry Antique Scottish Agate Brooch

VJ035A.jpg (87863 bytes)

VJ035: HIGHLAND STAG - Victorian Jewelry Antique Scottish Agate Brooch

VJ012A.jpg (33383 bytes)

VJ012: STARBURST MOURNING PIN / WATCH PIN - Victorian Mourning Jewelry Pin

VJ042: LADY BE GOOD - Victorian Jewelry Portrait Miniature Pendant

VJ032A.jpg (26447 bytes)

VJ032: PRETTY BABY OF MINE - Victorian Jewelry Child Portrait Miniature Pendant

VJ005A.jpg (50737 bytes)


VJ079A.jpg (29374 bytes)

VJ079: RAPHAEL’S HEAVENLY CHERUB - Victorian Jewelry Angel Brooch


VJ133: CORAL HAND OF FAITH - Victorian Jewelry Coral & Gold Brooch / Pin

VJ047A.jpg (54457 bytes)

VJ047: ARTS AND CRAFTS BEJEWELED PENDANT - Arts & Crafts Jewelry Silver Pendant

VJ059A.jpg (38202 bytes)

VJ059: SILVER ANCHOR OF HOPE - Victorian Jewelry Silver Brooch 

VJ058A.jpg (14561 bytes)

VJ058: A HANDFUL OF NATURE’S LUCK - Victorian Jewelry Banded Agate Hand Necklace

VJ051AB.jpg (40449 bytes)

VJ051: MYTHS AND MIRRORS - Victorian Jewelry Silver Mirror Locket

VJ064A.jpg (26057 bytes)

VJ064: GREETING THE DAWN - Victorian Jewelry Silver Angel Locket

VJ028A.jpg (26602 bytes)

VJ028: LADY IN THE MOON - Art Nouveau Jewelry Silver Locket

VJ072A.jpg (44788 bytes)

VJ072: SILVER REFLECTIONS - Victorian Jewelry Mirror Pendant

VJ152: DAINTY CORAL & LACE - Victorian Jewelry Coral Earrings

VJ105A.JPG (27645 bytes)

VJ105: DAINTY, DELIGHTFUL HANDS - Victorian Jewelry Coral Earrings

VJ074A.jpg (29767 bytes)

VJ074: PRECIOUS PAST - Victorian Coral Earrings

VJ137: TASTE FOR THE FAR EAST - Victorian Jewelry Coral Earrings

VJ041A.jpg (28485 bytes)

VJ041: DRAGON’S CLAW - Victorian Coral Jewelry Pendant

VJ096B.JPG (50621 bytes)

VJ096: SNAKE HANDLER:  Victorian Jewelry Snake Pendant

VJ044A.jpg (40307 bytes)

VJ044: SEA FLOWERS - Victorian Coral Jewelry Pendant

VJ125A.JPG (28848 bytes)

VJ125: HANDS ACROSS TIME - Victorian Jewelry “Coral” Locket / Necklace

VJ065A.jpg (36280 bytes)

VJ065: A BELOVED BABY BLUE - Victorian Jewelry Portrait Miniature Pendant

VJ106A.JPG (43183 bytes)


VJ002a.jpg (28325 bytes)

VJ002: PACK THIS FOR THE TITANIC - Edwardian Jewelry Silver Pendant

VJ078A.jpg (40416 bytes)

VJ078: DOG PORTRAIT OF GRACE & ELEGANCE - Victorian Jewelry Enameled Greyhound or Borzoi / Russian Wolfhound Locket 

VJ141: RAJ RHINOS & TIGERS: - Victorian Jewelry Tiger Claw Cufflinks

VJ199: DAINTY RAJ MEMENTOS - Victorian Jewelry Raj Cat Claw Earrings

VJ171: BRITISH RAJ LEGACY - Victorian Jewelry Tiger Claw Brooch / Pin

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