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Personal Collections: Mourning & Victorian Jewelry

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If you've read Judy's bio then you already know that one thing she really hates is talking about herself.  She stated outright that when it comes to interviews for the newspapers about her theater productions, she usually tries to get someone else to handle it for her.  True to form, though she has a moving passion towards Victorian and Mourning jewelry, she isn't really comfortable talking about it in the same way she isn't comfortable talking about her many wonderful theatrical productions.  She has, however, submitted many beautiful pieces here for you to view as part of her personal collection and I, as her webmaster, will do my best to arrange them in an attractive display.  I hope you enjoy them.  Remember, these items are NOT FOR SALE.  (For all pictures, clicking on them will produce a larger image.)
vj acorn pin.jpg (57845 bytes)

Hair Acorn Pin

vj ivory hand seal.jpg (20128 bytes) vj lg anchor.jpg (51441 bytes)

Large Banded Agate Anchor Brooch

Ivory Hand Seal 

vj aff wps hvn rejoices pend.jpg (36663 bytes)

vj belvd mother  wtc pin a.jpg (26050 bytes) vj belvd mother  wtc pin b.jpg (48955 bytes)

"Heaven Rejoices"

Georgian Mourning Pendant with Portrait on Reverse Side

"Beloved Mother" (front)

Georgian Sepia Mourning Pendant With Watch Pin

"Beloved Mother" (Back)

vj colored w angel a.jpg (26936 bytes)

vj colored w angel b.jpg (40002 bytes) vj colored w angel c.jpg (36367 bytes)
Colored Georgian Mourning Pendant Close Up - Grieving Mother Watching Soul Of Departed Ascending To Heaven Close Up - Note Broken Piece From Side Of Obelisk Allowing Soul To Ascend

vj lady in purple b.jpg (37876 bytes)

vj golden fan a.jpg (28354 bytes) vj golden fan b.jpg (24550 bytes)
Victorian Portrait Miniature - Note Distinctive Hairstyle Victorian Brooch With Fan Closed Brooch With Fan Opened To Reveal Photo

vj woman esperance white.jpg (45676 bytes) vj woman pyre ring.jpg (44297 bytes) vj lady urn anchor.jpg (44855 bytes)
Georgian Mourning Pendant Reverse Painted Glass - Anchor Denotes Hope Georgian Sepia And Hair Mourning Ring Georgian Hair And Sepia Pendant - Note Head To Foot Veil And Urn With Eternal Flame

vj plumes  flowers button.jpg (56418 bytes)

Victorian Hair Curls And Flowers

vj wheat  pearls.jpg (38738 bytes) vj dog at pyre.jpg (47883 bytes)

Hair And Sepia Mourning Brooch - Note Dog (Eternal Faithfulness) And Doves (Souls Flight To Heaven)

Victorian Wheat Pendant Made of Pearl Bound Hair- A Symbol Of Bountifulness And Plenty 

ca angel w babies.jpg (50083 bytes)

Large Cameo Brooch Angel With Babies - Note Owl

ca ivory lady .jpg (39815 bytes) vj st peters micro mos a.jpg (88594 bytes)


Micromosaic Brooch

3 Dimensional Image Of St. Peter's Surrounded By Goldstone

High Relief, Deeply Carved Ivory Brooch

vj golden tree a.jpg (52682 bytes)
Mourning Hair And Gold Swivel Brooch - Note Base Of Tree Plate Containing Memorial Information

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