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Personal Collections: Native American Jewelry

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As Judy said in her bio, she first developed a love for Native American items when she found an arrowhead and took it to school for show and tell.   And as she grew older, that came to include a fondness for Native American jewelry  as well.  During the run of her production of Black Elk Speaks, Judy wore many of these items to the theater and so, being among the crew, I had a chance to see these items up close and in person.  Pictures, as wonderful as they are, simply cannot do justice to these beautiful pieces.  I hope you enjoy them.  Once again, these items are NOT FOR SALE.  (For all pictures, clicking on them will produce a larger image.)
na bear buck brac bolo a.jpg (48381 bytes) na turq disc neck.jpg (24693 bytes) NA a o shell ear  ring.jpg (74920 bytes)
Santo Domingo Bolo, Bracelet, and Buckle Inlaid with Sugilite, Coral and Turquoise by Roderick and Marilyn Tenorio Santo Domingo Turquoise Disk Necklace Santo Domingo Mosaic Earrings - Turquoise, Spiny Oyster and Mother of Pearl by Angie Reano Owen.   Navajo Ring by Henry Harvey

NA multi-stone squash.jpg (41963 bytes)

na purple  silver ear.jpg (39099 bytes) na silver  carnl squash.jpg (54592 bytes)
Navajo Multi-Stone Squash by Begay Navajo Granulated Silver Earrings with Sugilite Stones by Jackson Navajo Silver Squash Set with Carnelian Stones and Matching Earrings

na hopi brac w tri stones.jpg (59904 bytes)

NA Hopi flute pend.jpg (45628 bytes) na day pend  brac a.jpg (61980 bytes)
Navajo Tri-Stone Bracelet Hopi Style by Tim Yazzi Hopi Flute Player Pendant by Chalmers Day Hopi Reversible Pendant and Cuff Bracelet by Chalmers Day (First Prize Hopi Silverwork, 1988 Santa Fe Indian Market)

na nav fac st brac  ear.jpg (54722 bytes)

na a q zuni turq ring.jpg (39102 bytes) na green inlay brac.jpg (88086 bytes)
Navajo Bracelet Reticulated Silver with Bezel Set, Faceted Turquoise.  Earrings - Turquoise , Spiny Oyster and Jasper Petit Point Zuni Turquoise Ring by Alice Quam Green  Multi-Stone Inlay Bracelet

NA 2 lizard pins.jpg (75411 bytes) na hopi lizard ring  ear.jpg (52070 bytes) na c lee picture brac.jpg (63944 bytes)
Lizard Pins/Pendants Overlay Silver with Turquoise and Coral Custom Hopi Lizard Ring by Elsie and Gary Yoyokie.  Hopi Earrings with Rain Symbols by Frank Benevidez Navajo Storyteller Bracelet Appliqué Silver and Copper with Stone Tewa by Clarence Lee

na amber  turq neck  ear.jpg (95469 bytes) NA turquoise bear neck.jpg (73947 bytes) NA coral neck w pendant.jpg (59181 bytes)
 Necklace & Earrings Amber & Turquoise Santo Domingo Bear Fetish Necklace Santo Domingo Necklace Coral with Brown Heishi.  Silver Pendant Inlaid with Spiny Oyster and Gray Mother of Pearl

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