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Personal Collections: Bakelite & Plastic Jewelry

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The first time I ever met Judy, back when I was still but a youngster in high school, she made quite a first impression.  I was ushering one Sunday afternoon for one of her shows and she was dressed a bit more formally than usual.  I'm not sure if she was attending a party afterwards or had an interview she couldn't dodge, but I do remember being SO impressed by what she wore.  The whole outfit was black and white, every detail, every ring, purse, bracelets, earrings, everything black and white.  And all in grand style as you can imagine.  BIG earrings, one THICK bracelet, the whole image was simply stunning.  I've since come to learn the proper name for those earrings and bracelets she always wore and still wears today.  They're bakelite, and here you will see some of Judy's favorites, in this, her personal collection.  Remember, these items are NOT FOR SALE.  (For all pictures, clicking on them will produce a larger image.)
bb 2 bl scarab brac  ring.jpg (67752 bytes) bb 2 choc  van brac.jpg (40577 bytes) bb br brac w yell flowers.jpg (52804 bytes)
Black Egyptian Revival Bakelite Bracelets and Ring.  Note Scarab on Top Bracelet and Ring "Chocolate & Vanilla" Deeply Carved Bakelite Bracelets Hinged Bakelite Bracelet With Applied Yellow Flowers and Green Stems

bb fish c.jpg (38297 bytes) bb 3 app ju brac.jpg (43644 bytes) bb fish g.jpg (52455 bytes)
Judy Clarke's Reverse Carved and Painted Fish Bracelet.  Note the Goldfish Three Applejuice Geometric Bakelite Bangles.  Top One Reverse Carved Close Up of Judy Clarke's Red Fish.  Note Tiny Crocodile at Bottom

bb bak rainforest leaf ear.jpg (87109 bytes) bb 3 shultz sunfl luc brac.jpg (49890 bytes) bb green bug ear a.jpg (56309 bytes)
Rainforest Leaf Earrings.  Formerly Dress Clips Shultz Lucite, Reverse Carved, Painted Hinged Bracelets.  Note Bees and Ladybugs Stag Beetle Earrings.  Formerly Dress Clips

BB fr bakelite pierrot.jpg (21649 bytes) bb nathalie.jpg (33393 bytes) BB 2 fr bake bellhops.jpg (49509 bytes)
French Bakelite Pierrot Pin.  French Bakelite is Milk-based French Bakelite Flapper Pin Pair of French Bakelite Bellhops with Rhinestones, Gold Studs and Inlaid Silver Stripes

bb peapod luc pin.jpg (52029 bytes) bb pinapple pin  ear.jpg (42223 bytes) bb apple ju cherries a.jpg (39582 bytes)
"Peapod Pin"  Mixture of Bakelite and Celluloid Judith Evan's Fruit Bar Pin  and Pineapple Earrings Made of Phenol Resin Bar Pin with Applejuice Bakelite Cherries and Celluloid Leaves

BB sh green  yell.jpg (31938 bytes) bb 3 trs gr brac  ear.jpg (42711 bytes) bb shultz 3 gr  br brac a.jpg (46795 bytes)
Shultz Green and Yellow Checkerboard Bakelite Bracelet Translucent Green and Applejuice Bakelite Bangles and Earrings - Formerly a Buckle.  Note Front Carving on Top Bracelet Shultz "Married Set" of Turquoise and Rootbeer Checkerboard Bakelite Bangles

bb sunray brac  ear clips.jpg (45995 bytes) bb many moons brac.jpg (38955 bytes) bb olive  silver bak pin.jpg (45235 bytes)
SunRay Overdye Bakelite Bangle and Earrings.  Formerly Dress Clips Bruce Pantti's "Many Moons" Bakelite Bracelet.  Cream Dots Set in Heavily Swirled Tortoise Bakelite Bakelite and Silver Inlay Peacock Pin

BB teq sunrs blossom ear.jpg (35915 bytes) BB tort luc necklace b.jpg (31622 bytes) bb red inlay ear  ring.jpg (56056 bytes)
"Tequila Sunrise" Bakelite Earrings.  Formerly Dress Clips Lucite Necklace.  Rootbeer Overlaid on Clear Translucent, Heavily Carved, Red Bakelite Ring and Red Bakelite Earrings With Floral Mosaic Inlay.  Formerly Dress Clips

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