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Native American Jewelry

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FASHION FAVORITE – STAMPWORK EARRINGS ( Vintage Native American Navajo Indian Pierced Earrings ):Since we make yearly trips to Sedona and Santa Fe, I make it a point to look for the latest trends in Native American jewelry. I notice that the current “hot” pieces involve stampwork – an old tradition that is made new again. These Navajo stampwork earrings are a newer example of that exemplary workmanship. Look at the precise hand stamping and the beautifully scalloped edges. The design just keeps circling within. Note that the central floral design is echoed in the floral pierced ear tops. Retro in inspiration, modern in execution and striking to wear. These earrings are Tomorrow's Treasures as well today's delight.

Condition: Excellent. Artist unknown.
Size: Total length 2 1/4”. Diameter of dangle disk 1 1/2”, diameter of pierced top disk 3/4”.





EYE CATCHING BEETLE ( Native American Navajo Indian Jewelry Beetle Brooch / Pin ): Navajo jewelers have created wonderful insect pins since they began working in silver and stones in the late 1800's. Aside from the seminal figure of Spider Woman, bugs usually appear in the spring and summer to symbolize revival and rebirth. This colorful and attractive beetle highlights a large brown cowrie shell body along with a turquoise ahead. (c. 1989) Notice the silver bug eyes at the top and the curved antennas. Nicely shaped, splayed legs add to the interesting silhouette of this charming insect. A Sterling pin back with safety clasp. Unusual and eye catching, this little beetle will happily stay on shoulders, lapels, hats or – as I prefer – climbing up out of your pocket. An updated classic, it will look just as striking for generations. Lots of fun and always invites comments. Go for it!

Condition: Excellent.
Size: 1 3/4” long, 1 1/2” wide. Shell body is 1” long, 3/4” wide, 1/2” deep.





SPECTACULAR SCRIMSHAW ( Native American Indian Jewelry Scrimshaw Pendant ): Extravagant in size and remarkable in quality – are phrases that only begin to describe this rare and spectacular scrimshaw pendant. (An estate purchase. Crafted c. 1960.) It appears to be the work of 2 different artists. The Sterling Silver mount is signed by Navajo silversmith “R. Bennett” and the colorful scrimshaw design work has the initials “JMT” engraved near the bottom. The subject of the scene is definitely Hopi, so it is probably a Hopi/Navajo collaboration. Scrimshaw work is engraved on a surface and then usually highlighted with black, but in this case colorful, pigment. The precision and delicacy of the work produce a striking visual effect – clearly the work of a master craftsman. (You can see the fine etched marks in the close-up photos and that of the initials.) The colorful scene is rich in symbolism. The Tewa sun face at the top surveys the Hopi dancer, as a trio of mudheads appears at the left. I am uncertain about the material that is used as the base of this miniature work of art. It is not ivory. It could be bone or possibly “Vegetable Ivory” – a nut palm which polishes to an incredible likeness of ivory and whose hardness and durability rival that of ivory. There is a pendant hook on the back side. This is a rare, one-of-a-kind, piece of Native American jewelry. It will linger in your memory.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: 3 1/8” long, 2” wide, 3/8” deep.




HOPI SUNFACE ( Vintage Native American Hopi Indian Clip Earrings ): Sleek and sophisticated, these Vintage Hopi Sunface Clip Earrings are a fine example of the overlay technique developed by the Hopi in the early 1940's. (c. 1960-70) The bottom layer of Sterling Silver that shows through the top cut-out is oxidized, turning it black, to make the surface design more prominent. Look for the tiny hand made textured marks in the dark areas showing through the satin finished overlay design. This is the way you tell true Hopi Jewelry from inexpensive machine made copies. Superbly crafted and hallmarked by the unknown artist, these earrings are also marked very lightly by the trademark Hopi face (seen just to the right of the hallmark) denoting the Hopi Silvercraft Guild. Regal and elegant, black and silver are always in the best of taste.

Condition: Excellent. Clips are firm.
Size: 1” in diameter.





PETITE CIRCLE OF FEATHERS ( Vintage Native American Hopi Indian Earrings ): I am certain that this pair of petite Hopi clip earrings is one-of-a-kind. I can say that because I had them made by combining two pairs of earrings by the same designer. (c. 1980) This very fine and delicate work was done by Hopi artist Homer Vance, now deceased. The top motif is a Hopi “Tewa” or Sun God. There is a traditional face in the middle surrounded by feathers. The free swinging feather dangle that I had added gives the earrings a touch of drama. Both the feather and the Tewa are hallmarked “HV” and, of course, the earrings are Sterling Silver. Some ladies have asked for smaller earrings. These certainly fit the bill! It is much easier for the artist to do larger pieces than the texturing involved in such tiny places as the Tewa circle of feathers. The perfect gift to give yourself!

Condition: Excellent.
Size: 2” long, 5/8” wide.



PURPLE & SILVER “SHOULDER DUSTER” EARRINGS: ( Native American Santo Domingo Indian Jewelry Beaded Earrings ): These dazzling pierced earrings are plucked from my personal collection of beaded beauties. Call them “shoulder dusters” or long and grand, the iridescent purple, green, white and pearl seed beads shimmer and glitter with life. The unusual shape of the “closed horseshoe” (or tear drop) top portion is an inspired and fresh take on beaded earrings – while below long tubular beads of silver glass, ending with oval silver beads, whisper as they brush your shoulders. Topped by silver pierced ear wires, these eye dazzlers light up the room and make you the center of attention. For the bold, confident woman who likes all eyes on her!

Condition: Excellent. Much prettier than photos. The iridescence is difficult to capture.
Size: Total from center of ear wire – 5” long, 1 1/4" at widest point.




OVER THE RAINBOW ( Vintage Native American Navajo Indian Pottery ): This is a “Figural” pottery shape as opposed to a utilitarian shape. It is nicely used to show off this stylized image of the Navajo Rainbow Man, usually pictured as curved or bent, such as this one. Rainbow Man is one of the Navajo Yeis (short for YeiBiChi). Yeis are the supernatural beings that allow communication between the Navajo people and their Gods. It is said “They are the keepers of the door to the other world.” Yeis have wisdom to share with man to help him live in harmony, survive and behave in the right way. Rainbow People are found in several of the early Native American Sand Paintings (and rugs based on the sand paintings). These were used in Navajo healing ceremonies. Besides the Rainbow Man with the small coral stone in his headdress, there are crooked lines ending in an arrow representing bolts of lightning, the pyramid shape of rainclouds and the long red, tan and black lines surrounding much of the piece representing a rainbow. The artist set it on a black plastic base to best show off all these details. The piece is not signed. It was part of an estate that contained a fairly extensive Navajo Pottery collection.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Full height 3”. Pottery 2 1/2” high, 1 3/4” diameter.





CONCHO STAMPWORK ( Vintage Native American Navajo Indian Stampwork Earrings ): These earrings were created to go with all Native American jewelry pieces. They are from my personal collection, given to me by my mother. I have worn them for about 45 years and my mother before me – they are definitely vintage! (c. 1950) They resemble the conchos (Spanish for “shell”) the Spanish men wore down the sides of their trousers, later adapted into concho belts and bolos. The Sterling Silver circular design – a flower surrounded by scallops – is done in a stampwork style. This hand done process is one used to decorate silver with punches. The punch, or stamp, is held in one hand and hit with a hammer until the pattern is impressed into the silver. Once the most common type of silver jewelry, other styles gained in popularity, though stamp work was often included in the elaborate designs. The circle turns and once again today stampwork is considered fresh and new. These are earrings are fitted with comfortable clip backs. No matter how much jewelry you wear, these earrings will match but never pull focus. Great with jeans or for dress up!

Condition: Excellent. There are some feint scratches, but not visible to the naked eye. They are vintage, too!
Size: 1 1/8” in diameter. Clip backs.




RIBBON OF STONES ( Vintage Native American Laguna Indian Inlay Bracelet ): A flash of color, a gleam of metal at the end of your sleeve or on a bare arm and your fashion look is “finished”. From my personal collection, I wore this inlay bracelet until it no longer fit my wrist. Crafted by nature artist F. C. Laguna (Choctaw/Laguna tribes) it features a raised stripe of inlayed stones across the center of the Sterling Silver Cuff. (c. 1990) The stones included are sugilite, lapis, turquoise, spiny oyster shell, abalone and mother-of-pearl. Tapering down in smooth curves, each side of this silver bracelet gleams brightly against your skin. The inside is marked by the artist “F.C. Laguna”. A distinctive bracelet set with a ribbon of colorful stones, this piece is beautifully affordable as well a gorgeous. You will wear it all the time as I did.

Condition: Excellent. Some light scratches on silver.
Size: Inner circumference 6 1/4” with 1 1/8” gap. Silver tapers from 1 5/8” wide in center to 1 1/8” at ends. Stones taper from 3/4” in center to 1/8” at ends. Depth 3/8” in center. Fits a small wrist.



HOPI STAFF OF LIFE ( Vintage Native American Hopi Indian Corn Pendant / Pin ): My personal favorite Indian jewelry is made by the Hopi. This truly spectacular Hopi pendant/pin is crafted by Ramon Dalangyawma, who has achieved greatness as a master Hopi jewelry artist. Born in the Grand Canyon, he is noted for his incredible talent for fine detail in the silver overlay style. His designs are animated with life. Working in his grandfather's fields led him to frequently use the corn motif in his designs. Maze is vital to Hopi substance and religion. “For traditional Hopi corn is the central bond. Its essence, physically, spiritually and symbolically, pervades their existence.” Corn is the staff of life; enough to eat results in good health and well-being. This shiny oval pendant features a cornstalk floating in a shadow box setting. (c. 1990) It is surrounded with symbols of the elements – water being essential to the growth of corn. The lower right side has been executed in a scalloped design. The back has both a pendant hook and a Sterling pin back with a safety closure. It is hallmarked “DALANGYAMWMA” and stamped “Sterling”. Hopi work is fast disappearing due to Japanese collectors snapping it up at any price. This complex and meaningful piece of first class Hopi overlay is flawlessly worked by this acknowledged master silversmith – and at an approachable price.

Condition: Excellent. (The chain is not included.)
Size: 2” long, 1 5/8” wide, 3/8” deep.



TREASURED SQUASH BLOSSOM NECKLACE ( Vintage Native American Navajo Indian Jewelry Men's or Woman's Sterling Silver Squash Blossom Necklace ): I have been asked for more Vintage Indian jewelry and this Estate Squash Blossom Necklace is exactly that. All made by hand – eighteen squash blossoms, large beads and a sandcast naja (crescent). (c.1950-60) It – and I – are definitely “Vintage”. Ingeniously crafted from Sterling Silver – that shimmering beauty that ancient alchemists called “the metal of the moon” - the “squash blossom” is instantly recognizable. It consists of the distinctive combination: a strand of round, so called, “squash blossom” beads that explode into flaring tails interspersed with hand made round beads that surround the compelling center piece – an eye-catching silver crescent referred to by it Navajo name “Naja”. This particular “squash” contains 18 blossoms, a sand cast naja and silver cones at the top of the hook and eye closure. Remember that this necklace is entirely handmade, including the beads! Could be worn by a man or a woman, this squash blossom necklace is an eloquent testimony to the skill and creativity of the Navajo silversmith. Simply irresistible!

Condition: Excellent Vintage.
Size: Necklace 26” long. Beads 1/2” in diameter. Individual blossoms 1 1/4” long. Naja 2 5.8” long 2 1/2” wide.



ESTATE STONE OVERLAY ( Vintage Native American Navajo Indian Bracelet ): This striking Navajo bracelet is a fine example of an Estate find. (c. 1985-90) Hand made Sterling Silver wire twists and two stylized flower designs are accentuated by carved and polished rectangles of stones to create a polished and colorful overlay design. The stone overlay consists of eight pieces of mother-of-pearl, two red coral stripes and at the center two pieces of blue turquoise with a black and silver matrix. The design is bold and colorful. The inside of this bracelet is smooth and polished, artist unknown. Will fit a medium wrist. An outstanding and beautiful expression of the artist's masterful handling of both the silver-work and stone design. Wear it everywhere and let other family members admire it in the future. A knock-'em-dead Navajo bracelet – wear it proudly and often.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Inner circumference 6 3/8” with 1 3/8” opening, 1/8” thick. Good solid feel. Will fit a medium wrist.



THE YEI'S HAVE IT ( Vintage Native American Navajo Indian Squash Blossom Style Necklace ): Historic photos of Native Americans often show them all dressed up and almost always feature a large, impressive squash blossom necklace. Jewelers are creating more modern versions like this necklace of Sterling Silver sandcast Yei figures by award winning Navajo artist, Francis Jones. Sandcasting is, perhaps, one of the most difficult silversmithing techniques to master and is labor intensive. Sandstone is carved with the design about to be cast. Another stone is places against the carved piece and the two are fastened together with a hole carved at one end. Molten silver is then poured into the hole and once the piece has cooled it is hand finished and lightly oxidized. It has an antique Old World look with a slightly sandy texture on the underside of the piece. This necklace has belonged to me since 1987 and it is a “book piece” featured in the book “Evolving Designs” Nancy Shiffer, 1990, Page 151. It has a double strand of silver beads supporting twelve sandcast silver rainbow god figures and a larger naja at the center. The closure is a hook and eye and has the hallmark “FJ”. Francis Jones has created a necklace that is wonderfully graphic and bold in size. The design is dramatic yet tailored. Gleaming Sterling Silver is fashioned into a striking, sophisticated necklace that will definitely add a jolt of chic to almost any wardrobe. It will look fabulous for generations to come.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Extends approximately 14 1/2” down when held at closure and it is 26” long. The bottom of the Yei naja hangs 8” below my neck when worn. Central Yei is 2 1/4” long, 2 1/2” wide. Smaller yeis taper from 1 1/8” wide to 3/4” wide.



FLAMES ABLAZE ( Vintage Native American Navajo Indian Cuff Watch Bracelet ): This Navajo Cuff Watch Bracelet is a piece that I have worn since the 1980's. A tour de force of superlative silversmithing that resulted in a stunning visual effect. Purchased in Santa Fe, the artist has cut the Sterling Silver “flames” layer and then overlaid them on the oxidized textured under-layer. The cutout flames reach downward to the ends of the cuff and sideways to the edges. There is currently the original oval Quartz Timex watch in place at the center. (You can have a jeweler replace it with a newer watch, though this one still works. The tabs that hold the watch can be opened to replace the watch or battery.) The artist's mark reads “LT” (full name unknown) and is marked “Sterling” & “USA”. I would still be wearing this signature watch if my eyesight was not what it used to be. Wear it proudly and often, heads will turn!

Condition: Cuff is excellent. Watch face has some dings.
Size: Cuff is 1 1/2” wide with a 6 3/4” inner opening with a 1 3/8” gap. Fit's small/medium wrist. Oval watch is 3/4” high, 1/2” wide.



SPLENDID SILVER LEAVES ( Vintage Native American Navajo Indian Necklace ): This most unusual Sterling Silver and Coral Necklace is a fine example of estate jewelry. The edges of the teardrop shaped pendant are enlivened with inset Mediterranean coral heishi beads. Two gracefully curved leaves accent the hanging drop of three bezel set orange coral rounds, each enhanced by a pair of “silver veined” leaves. The graceful form and effective design of the pendant will light up your eyes. The necklace itself is made up of silver cones and rounds. The clasp is a nice hook and eye. This necklace is signed with the initials “LB” and what appears to be a three leafed clover at the center. Also stamped “Sterling”. With lavish silver-work and precious coral, this necklace is elegant enough for dress-up or casual occasions. Wear it everyday and revel in the attention!

Condition: Excellent.
Size: The beaded necklace portion is almost 17” long. It will hang just below your neck. The pendant is 2 1/2” long and 1 1/2” wide with the dangle of corals 1 1/2” long and 3/4” wide.



MAJESTIC TURQUOISE EAGLE PENDANT ( Vintage Native American Navajo Indian Eagle Pendant ): I find it very hard to part with this large and lovely Turquoise Eagle Pendant – always one of my favorites. His wings are made from two large turquoise stones naturally decorated with black veins and carved by the artist with multiple grooves delineating the wing feathers. The body is carved from the same vein of turquoise with golden shell feet and beak. He clutches a mother-of-pearl fish in his claws. His eyes are also mother-of-pearl with black pupils. He is backed in silver with hinged wings so they can open and close in a very realistic manner. There are large hooks on the back of each wing where the silver link chain is attached. Each link is decorated with stampwork. There is a double hook closure at the back of the chain. The closure is very hard to work by yourself. I found it much easier to slightly loosen one of the hooks on a wing and slide the chain on and off there. It is signed “Larry Livingstone”, a member of a prominent Navajo family of artists. You are unlikely to see its equal – even in Santa Fe. Take flight with this Majestic Eagle!

Condition: Excellent. (The original piece was copied in a much smaller size, losing all of its high impact.)
Size: Wingspan 6 1/4”, 3” high. Body 1 5/8” high, 5/8” wide, 1” deep. Fish 7/8” long. Chain 21” long.


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