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*KENNETH JAY LANE* VINTAGE HINGED JEWELED CUFF BRACELET: Designer Kenneth Jay Lane has always been a favorite with high profile admirers, including Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Nancy Reagan and Diana, Princess of Wales. His early work was championed by the legendary editor, Diana Vreeland, and she featured his designs in “Vogue”. This brushed gold toned hinged cuff bracelet has been in my collection for about 18 years. Set with rectangular, round and tear drop faceted stones in green, clear, red, topaz and lavender – this bracelet bears the hallmark “Kenneth © Lane”. The cuff is wide on the side where the hinge opens and becomes narrower as it ends beyond the huge red stone. You can’t help being a hit – in this year of the bracelet – wearing this dramatic KJL cuff. Condition: Excellent. Size: 1 5/8” high at center, lavender stone is 1” long, red stone is 7/8” in diameter. The inner dimension , including the opening, measures 6 1/8”, but notice that the cuff is not round and fits only a small wrist, no larger than 6” over the bone. SOLD!


*AMY KAHN RUSSELL* SUGILITE & PERIDOT EARRINGS:  In a class all of her own, AKR jewelry is always vibrant and exciting. Choosing unusual mixes of stones and minerals, her colors are always delightfully fresh and striking. This exotic pair of dangling pierced earrings will shake up your fashion sense. Set with large cabochons of sugilite, topped by faceted peridot gems, the lower dangling stones are cabochons of chrysoprase and amethyst. Simply stunning!! All AKR designs are marked “Sterling” and “AKR”. These show stoppers will tickle your fancy. Condition: Excellent. Size: 1 3/4” long, 3/4” wide, just over 1/8” deep. SOLD!


*AMY KAHN RUSSELL* FOSSIL & TOPAZ PIN / PENDANT: In a class all her own, AKR jewelry is always vibrant and exciting. Using unusual mixes of stones and minerals, many of her creations have a strong ethnic element. This earth inspired pin/pendant combines an ammonite spiral fossil, rainbow pyrite druze and smoky topaz stones set in Sterling Silver. The colors are difficult to capture in our photos. The ammonite fossil has a gray-green metallic quality, the sparkling druze is a glittering green and the open-backed topaz is a yellow-green hue, not gray at all. It is so much prettier in reality, sparkling and lively. The pin back has a safety catch and, as is her custom, the back is hallmarked “Sterling” & “AKR”. A wide bale makes it suitable for a good sized chain, neck wire or omega necklace if you prefer. An impressive gift of style and substance. Condition: Excellent. Size: 2 1/2” long, 1 1/4” wide. Topaz 1/2” deep. SOLD!
JJ083A.JPG (95550 bytes)


*TABRA* STERLING SILVER & SCARAB EARRINGS: Earrings designed by Tabra Tunoa are some of my favorite pieces. I love the light weight feel and the ethnic inspired look of her jewelry. These signed clip earrings feature Sterling Silver embellished dangles. The triangle tops are bezel set with hand carved stone scarabs. The beads include coral, turquoise, bone and a large piece of spiny oyster shell. Long and shimmering, these hard to find Tabra earrings will bring out the gypsy in your soul. Condition: Excellent. (Note – the Tabra card is not included.) Size: 3 1/2” long, 1 1/4” at widest point. SOLD!


*JAY STRONGWATER* MULTISTRAND CRYSTAL BEAD NECKLACE: Jay Strongwater is predominantly known for his opulent bejeweled picture frames. But he began his career as a jeweler, designing jewelry pieces for the Oscar de la Renta runway shows. This necklace was purchased about 10 years ago. (His last jewelry collection was presented in 1999.) Six strands of amber/tortoise colored crystal beads cascaded down each side of your neck where they meet in a triangle of bezel set cabochon jewels – black, topaz & tortoise colors. The dramatic finish is a long tassel effect, achieved by another six strands of amber/tortoise colored crystal beads that end at varied lengths. Each beaded tassel strand ends in a large round, oblong or teardrop shaped bead. The gold toned swirl shaped hook and eye closure is a sample of Jay’s attention to detail. The inside of the clasp is marked “Jay S”. His dazzling jeweled items are sold by Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue. Purchased at Saks, this superbly crafted necklace is both regal and elegant. Condition: Excellent. Size: Entire necklace measures 16” long, tassel portion hangs 8” below the 3 large stones, large trio of stones ¾” each. SOLD!
JJ082A.JPG (32437 bytes)


*ALEXIS BITTAR* SATIN FINISH LUCITE BANGLE: Purple!! The elusive color that everyone is always searching to find. Contemporary designer, Alexis Bittar, creates these hand carved satiny lucite bangles that seem to glow from within. This purple bangle has a striped insert of yellow gold, periwinkle and fuchsia. The brushed finish has a soft and luminous texture to it, unlike any other Lucite designs I have seen. Bittar bangles are featured at Saks Fifth Avenue and each one is hallmarked “Hand carved by Alexis Bittar”. Picture this bangle glowing on your wrist this summer. Condition: Excellent. Size: 15/16” wide, 1/2” thick walls, 2 5/8” inner opening - for a medium wrist. SOLD!


*MARTHA PRENTISS* VINTAGE ANGELSKIN CORAL RING: I had this gorgeous hand carved Angelskin coral rose custom mounted in a ring setting about 30 years ago. As I requested, jeweler Martha Prentiss did a beautiful job of featuring the rose without exposing hardly any of the setting. Set in a Sterling Silver claw mount, four Sterling curved round bands meet at the shoulders to form a simple shank. The color of the deeply carved rose is a light pink with deeper pink accents. I wore it on my little finger and it never failed to make an impression when I moved my hands. The current ring size is a 5 1/2. (The band can be made larger if you have a good jeweler.) The ring back is hallmarked “MP”. This is a very large piece of angelskin coral which has become very scarce. Condition: Excellent. Size: Ring size is a 5 1/2. Coral rose is 2” high, 1” wide, 5/8” deep. Ring band at back is 1/4” wide. SOLD!


*ZEKE & MARTY* STERLING SILVER RING: I love the ethnic inspired work of these two Texas jewelers and bought this unique hand crafted ring from Zeke & Marty at a craft show in Dallas about 10 years ago. A multi - layered large and dramatic ring, it uses the technique of oxidized steel to provide the brown surface behind the antique carnelian bead at the center. A wonderful design in Sterling Silver that mixes a contemporary look with African tribal influences. Easy to wear, the wide ring band currently fits a ring size 8. It can be sized. The back is signed “Z & M, SS”. Zeke & Marty say “Our work is the materialization of our imaginations.” It couldn’t be more true. Condition: Excellent. Size: Ring face is 1 1/2” high, 1 1/4” wide, 1/2” deep. Ring band is 3/8” wide. Ring size is 8. Remember that a wide band fits a bit tighter that a narrow band so you 7 ½ ladies will be fine. SOLD!


*AMY KAHN RUSSELL* FROG BRACELET: I love frogs! You will see several items from my frog jewelry collection being posted in the future. This delightful AKR bracelet will bring a smile to your face every time you look at these amazing tiny creatures. Six hand carved bone froggies, embellished with green body details and jet black eyes, will keep you entertained. The frogs are all bezel set in Sterling Silver and hallmarked “AKR”, “Sterling”. The six pieces are held together by ring links so that the bracelet is flexible and easy to wear. There is a toggle & ring closure – much easier to put on alone than the spring ring style fastener. Frogs are disappearing from the earth, so grab these guys. Condition: Excellent. Size: 7” in length, each frog is 1 1/2” high, 1” wide. Will fit a medium wrist. My wrist is 6 1/2” over the bone and it fits me perfectly. Remember that you must have some slack to fasten the toggle. SOLD!


*OSCAR DE LA RENTA* HEART NECKLACE & EARRINGS: Pictures say it better than words in the case of this glamorous bejeweled set designed by Oscar de la Renta. The golden matte finish is warm and flattering. Suspended from a beautiful rounded link chain, the heart shaped pendant contains stones in shades of topaz and green. The clip earrings feature free swinging hoops. Worn as a set or each piece alone, you will love the look and feel of this luscious designer set. The pieces are hallmarked Oscar de la Renta. The earrings have foam padded clip backs. The chain fastens with a large toggle & ring closure. Easy to put on by yourself ladies! A dynamite combination of refinement and elegance. (See matching ring - JJ168)

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Necklace 16” chain, 1/4” wide. Heart and bale 2 1/2” long, 1 7/8” wide, 3/8” deep.
Earrings are 2” high 1 3/8” wide.


*OSCAR DE LA RENTA* ADJUSTABLE BROWN RING: This warm, matte gold finished jeweled ring is adjustable to fit your finger. Oval in appearance, it contains a lively faceted topaz brown colored stone, surrounded by a decorative beaded setting. The back of the ring is open so that you can gently adjust the size. This brown ring fits a ring size 7 or smaller. Hallmarked “Oscar de la Renta”, it makes a wonderful pinky ring by closing up the space at the back. Very smart for day or evening wear. (This ring matches JJ132, the Oscar de la Renta Heart Necklace & Earring Set.)

Condition: Excellent.
Size: 1” high, 3/4” wide, adjustable ring band is 3/8” wide. Ring size is 7 or smaller.


*CHRISTIAN DIOR* TASSEL BROOCH / PIN: A strikingly contemporary take on Victorian tassel style jewelry has been created by “Christian Dior” in this chic gold tone brooch. (Purchased about 10 years ago.) The oval frame is both shiny and matte gold. The double rope is a frosted gold tone that ends in two striking snake chain tassels. The tassels are articulated and swing when you move. The pin back has a safety clasp and bears the hallmark “Chr. Dior ©”. A smart look on a business suit or a black velvet jacket. Use your imagination! Condition: Mint. Size 3 ¾” long including tassels, 1 3/8” wide. SOLD!


LAVENDER SHELL PENDANT with STERLING OCTOPUS: I think that sea shells are one of nature’s most beautiful creations. I never tire of their exquisite colors and infinite variety. This large lavender shell suspended by a textured silver setting, including a nice sized bale. On the curve of the shell rests a sterling octopus with its tentacles spread. You can use a medium sized chain or a thin neck wire to wear this gift from Mother Nature. There is a silver tag affixed to the back that reads “Handmade Sterling ”. Under the Sea at its very best! Get ready for a vacation cruise, a beach wedding or a party beside the pool. Condition: Excellent. Size: 3 1/2” long, 3” wide, silver octopus is 7/8” in diameter. SOLD!


ORIENTAL WOODEN NECKLACE WITH DRAGON BOX: All of my life I have been fascinated with tiny boxes. What magic, secrets or treasures might they hold? This extravagant necklace is enhanced by the subtle interplay of earthen tone beads. Opulent yet playful, the beads are shades of old gold, dark brown, copper and both painted and unpainted pale wood. The focal point is the alluring carved box. It appears to be made from stained bone. The center of the box has two carved dragons on each side. There is a carved dark brown top inset with a bone winged insect. A large carved horn fish sits atop the lid. The box top opens slightly, but not enough to insert anything but a slip of paper. Oriental cultures often insert written prayers into such prayer boxes. The ring and hook closure is very interesting because the hook has been decorated with two bird heads. This light weight necklace is irresistible to those of you who have a taste for the exotic. Any color will be enhanced by these multiple earth tones. The design of the necklace delights the eye and its timeless beauty will never be out of style.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Box is 2 1/2" high, 1 3/4" wide and 1 1/4" deep. Beaded necklace is 27” long.


*DIAN MALOUF* STERLING SILVER & 14KT RING: This large and bold contemporary Dian Malouf ring was purchased in San Antonio. (c. 1995) The center stone is a beautiful square, high domed piece of labradorite. The stone flashes predominately green/gold with hints of blue and some wine veining. As always, the setting is remarkable. There are dozens of small raised squares covering all four surfaces of the ring. Most are sterling silver, but there are four 14KT gold squares on each side. I love the way that you can see the designs above your finger every time you move your hand. And the ring is so comfortable to wear. The band is lightly beaten silver and it curves smoothly around the back of your finger making it so comfortable to wear. I wore it on my pointer finger to show off the design. This labradorite ring is heavy, thick silver with the inside of the band marked “.925 14KT” & “DLM ©”. The ring size is a 7. Declare yourself to be bold and extravagant! A perfect gift for you!

Condition: Excellent. Original “Dian Malouf” marked pouch included.
Size: 1 3/8” square, 1/2" raised above your finger, labradorite stone is 3/4" square. The ring is a 7. Can be sized.

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