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DANCING “POOLS OF LIGHT” ( Vintage Art Deco Jewelry Pools of Light Earrings ): Sleek and ethereal, these earrings consist of fabulous crystal orbs known as “pools of light”. It is believed that the source of these beads is the northern slope of Mount Fujiyama in Japan. They were a product of the mount when it erupted in springtime. The crystals then found their way into the stream beds where, over the years, they were polished as they journeyed over pebbles into the foothill river beds. Finally they were polished to perfection in the lapidary shops of Kofu. They possess the unusual optical quality of rotary polarization – when you look through one the image will appear to be upside down and reversed (rotated 180 degrees). Try it! Traditionally they have been treasured – especially by the Chinese who believe that good luck resides in the inner recesses of these orbs. “Pools” were never drilled because it was believed that drilling allowed the good luck to pour out of the crystal. The supply of these wonderful crystals seems to have exhausted itself in the 1930’s. These Sterling Silver Earrings from the 1920's are delightful. The crystal globes are encased in a band of silver (not drilled). A silver chain allows the “pools” to literally “dance” in your ears. A sterling silver shepherd's hook slides easily into your pierced ear. It is difficult to photograph these heavenly “pools” as they often have a grayish appearance. Against bare skin they take on a rainbow of hues. The timeless beauty of these earrings dances with the light. Highly sought-after by collectors – there will be no more mysterious “Pools of Light”. What a story you can tell to admirers!

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Hang 1 1/2” long. Orb is 5/8” in diameter.

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