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TRUE BLUE “POOLS OF LIGHT” ( Antique Jewelry “Pools of Light” Quartz Crystal Necklace ): Exotic and mysterious, this coin silver necklace is set with 11 fabulous quartz crystal orbs, known as “pools of light”. These are rare blue orbs – I have also seen pink and lavender orbs. Traditionally they have been treasured – especially by the Chinese who believe that good luck resides in the inner recesses of these orbs. These orbs were never drilled because it was believed that drilling allowed the good luck to pour out of the crystal. True crystals are tested by looking through them and seeing everything upside down and backwards (topsy-turvy). The supply of these wonderful crystals seems to have exhausted itself in the 1930’s. This necklace has no reversed side to it so it always lays beautifully around your neck. There is no need for a clasp – just slip it over your head. This 29” link necklace from the 1920's is a true blue delight! Each orb is caged (not drilled) in coin silver with fine silver link chain in between the orbs. This crystal jewelry is Chinese in origin, although often made for the foreign market. Alive with the vibrancy of another era, the timeless beauty of this necklace dances with light. Highly sought after by collectors, there will be no more “pools of light”. Hold these up to the light and you will be amazed!

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Necklace measures 29” long with 11 blue pools. The orbs are 14 mm (just over 1/2”) in diameter. No clasp needed.

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