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PRECIOUS 3 LITTLE KITTENS ( Vintage Sterling Silver Guilloché Compact Pendant Necklace ): Cosmetics have been used to increase attraction since ancient times, but compacts have been a symbol of love for just generations, mainly since the 1920's. Compacts were born in the Edwardian Era. Women could apply powder for optimizing the prized “pale” look and use the compact to pose and flirt. These “Modern Essential” compacts could make you appear more alluring and charismatic. This Sterling Silver and Guilloché Enamel is a loving tribute to early compacts (1915-1925). The technique of guilloché enamel features an engraved decoration of geometric design on metal achieved by engine turning. Used as a base for translucent enamel it creates a shimmering effect. Cats were not used in jewelry as often as dogs so cat aficionados were often left wanting. This precious treasure of guilloché features the image of three most beguiling kittens. Rendered in colors of brown, gray, black and white, the “ 3 little kittens” are displayed with yellow and green eyes, pink ears and nose and lips of deep rose. The colors are subtle and surprisingly realistic. I had the compact mounted for wear as a pendant by adding a Sterling Silver band and a silver and mother-of-pearl tubular bale. The back is hallmarked with three crowns in an oval and the letter “S”, indicating that it is Swedish, made after 1912 and reserved for export. A cosmetic masterpiece in miniature, this will demonstrate that you are a lady of style with a chic sense of history.

Condition: Excellent. Vintage compact has some weight. Chain is not included.
Size: Compact face is 2 1/4” in diameter, 3/4” deep.

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