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Victorian Jewelry: VJ239

THE LOST ART OF PIQUÉ ( Victorian Antique Jewelry Piqué Tortoiseshell Earrings ): Piqué is by definition gold and/or silver inlaid into another material, such as Ivory or Tortoiseshell. By the mid-19th Century, this beautiful art found renewed popularity as a decoration for jewelry. The piqué jewelry fashion seemed to follow the popularity of Tortoiseshell. The lightness of the material lent itself well to earrings. These late Victorian Earrings are a striking and intricate example of the power of Piqué. Carved as stylized leaves, these fabulous, feminine earrings have gold shepherd's crook ear wires. (Most likely English c. 1870-80) The deep natural tone of the chocolate shell is the perfect counterpoint for the precious metals. The painstaking and laborious process of piqué (see close-ups of photos), while delighting its admirers, faded from sight due to its time demands upon the creators. Its association with half-mourning as decreed by Queen Victoria ended with her death. Fashionable ladies rejected all dark colors in favor of silver and light or colorless stones which emerged as the Edwardian styles took the stage. These dainty and feminine earrings capture the essence of the 19th Century – never to be repeated again. Light and airy, these beauties will appeal to you ladies who prefer smaller, more delicate earrings. So chic close to your cheek.

Condition: Excellent. The gold ear wires are later replacements.
Size: 1 5/8” long, 1/2” wide, 1/8” deep.

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