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TIMELESS AGATE & CRYSTAL LOCKET ( Victorian Antique Agate Jewelry Locket ): One of my favorite Victorian stones is banded agate, a variety of quartz. In this impressive Victorian locket the agate has been cut to display a perfect Bull's Eye – the center a black oval revealing bands of white and very dark brown beneath the central black target. (c. 1860-80) The locket and bale are 9 CT gold. Around the sides of the locket are seven bezel set round clear crystals. Known in antiquity as “ice of eternity”, rock crystal has long been used for ornamental purposes. The back of this lovely locket has a removable glass covered oval with a piece of wine fabric revealed. You may place inside a memento of your choosing, a photograph or a small lock of hair to combine the past and present in the perfect timeless expression of love. It may also be used as a striking mourning or sentimental locket. A remarkable and captivating locket representing the Grand Period of Victorian Jewelry.

Condition: Excellent. Glass covered back pops out easily. Chain not included.
Size: Locket and bale: 1 3/4” long, 1 1/4” wide, 1/2” deep. Glass cover 1 1/8” high, 7/8” wide.

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