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FLUTTERING WONDER ( Antique Arts & Crafts Jewelry Peacock Eye Brooch / Pin ): These brilliantly colored glass stones were hand made of blue and green foil to resemble the center or “eye” of a peacock tail feather. You can see peacock feathers in many of the exquisite medieval style paintings done by the artists associated with the Arts & Crafts Movement. (1890-1910) Butterflies were – and still are – among the more favored of the always popular insect themes. This brass die-stamped butterfly is beautifully crafted with highly detailed wings that curve to add the feeling of movement. The body of the insect is highlighted by a nice sized pearl atop the peacock eye oblong stone. There is a safety clasp closure on the back. Today's fashions are once again in love with the butterfly motif. Have no fear that this dainty butterfly will fly away once perched on your shoulder of lapel. Let these lovely fluttering wings guide you through a lifetime of joy.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: 1 3/4” across, 1 3/8” long. “Eye” is 3/4” long.

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