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Victorian Jewelry: VJ228

ETERNALLY INTRIGUING ( Antique Victorian Jewelry Snake Bracelet ): No, this is not the Asp with which Cleopatra committed suicide, but that story may have been part of the reason for the Victorian's fascination with jewelry containing snakes, including Queen Victoria herself. Probably more important was their belief that the snake represented eternity – along with immortality, love and wisdom. If you haven't actually stroked a life snake (as all Texans have) you may be surprised to hear that, rather than feeling slimy, they feel quite smooth and silky. This intricately gold washed silver wire snake has the same qualities – very flexible and a very silky feel. Both the head and tail are engraved with scales and there is a mouth, nostrils and tiny cabochon cut garnet eyes. The surface of the body is made up of eight very tiny wires making up each of the small bands woven to form the serpent's scales. Really quite amazing! I would call the color a greenish gray gold, but I am quite sure it is a wash over silver. Help continue this lovely creatures trip to eternity!

Condition: Excellent. Very mild wear of underside of head and tip of tail.
Size: Snake 15 1/4” long, 3/8” wide. Bracelet 1” wide, 1/4” deep. Inner opening 2”, easily expands for any wrist size.

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