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TRIPLE TREAT ( Antique Victorian Jewelry Gold Snake Ring ): This is one of the most intricate Victorian Snake Rings that I have seen. A powerful symbol of love, the snake was celebrated by Victorians who followed the example set by Queen Victoria. Her passionate husband, Prince Albert, gave her many pieces of jewelry featuring the snake motif – including her engagement ring. The snake also symbolized eternity, rebirth, immortality and wisdom. This captivating Antique 14KT Gold and Garnet Snake Ring (c. 1860-80) is made up of three of the small serpents circling around your finger – the two outer ones in one direction, the central one in the other. You can see their delicate tails weaving down the back of their necks. If you look at the inside you can see each snake is made up of a continuous band of gold. Over the front half of the ring all of the snakes have delicately engraved scales and eyes. Each has a faceted gleaming garnet atop his head. I know some of you collectors are particularly attracted to snake jewelry – as am I. Make sure you snare this beauty!

Condition: Excellent.
Size: 9/16” wide in front, 1/4” wide at back, 1/8” thick. Ring size 10. Can be carefully sized.

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