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Victorian Jewelry: VJ221

IRIDESCENT AVIARY ( Antique Victorian Jewelry Hummingbird Brooch / Pin ): The Victorians fascination with flora and fauna extended from collecting to decorating and finely to jewelry. In the case of this rare and beautiful brooch (c. 1880-90) the fauna is not just a decoration, but actually made from head of a Ruby-Topaz Hummingbird. (Breeds in the Lesser Antilles & northern tropical South America). Hummingbird Jewelry was exhibited at the London International Exhibition of 1872 by the firms of Ward & Co. and A. Boucard: “Birds and insects have been utilized and treated as personal ornaments by A. Boucard. As specimens of beautiful colour one can scarcely see anything better than this.” The hummingbird on this gold brooch has a typical gold beak added and a shining red stone eyes – probably garnets. All the feathers are iridescent with varying areas glowing depending on the direction of the light source. The top of the head is red. The breast and throat vary from orange to amber to green. The head sits on a gilt gold bar decorated with a leaf and flower. There is a C clasp closure on the back. One seldom sees a piece of Victorian naturalistic jewelry in this kind of condition. Don't let it fly away!

Condition: Excellent. Few ruffled feathers on back of head. Handle only by the bar pin. The bird is very fragile.
Size: Bar 2” long. Head extends 1” out from the center.

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