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Victorian Jewelry: VJ220

EDWARDIAN DOUBLE BOW EARRINGS ( Antique Edwardian Jewelry Silver Pierced Earrings ): In the Edwardian era (1890-1910) jewelry took on a daintier and more delicate look than that of the Victorian period. These Antique Silver Pierced Earrings are a perfect example of that delicacy, yet they are still large enough for those of you (if you are like me) who want your jewelry to be noticed. And the “notice” will undoubtedly be favorable! They consist of silver beaded ovals with nine glittering gemstones in delicate silver petal settings. Each oval is topped by a ribbon set with six small gemstones with a larger on in the center. A lovely pearl dangles down in the center of each oval and the ovals in turn dangle from gemstone decorated silver bows attached to each shepherd's hook. The back of each bow is marked “9CT” ear wires and “SIL”. Each earring glitters as it sways whenever you move your head. Why are earrings, each containing 25 gemstones so reasonably priced? Because the “gemstones” are made of paste – a lead containing glass which glitters like diamonds. In fact royalty (of both today and yesteryear) commonly wore paste reproductions of their most precious jewelry for safeties sake – and no one knew the difference! Add these to your royal collection!

Condition: Excellent.
Size: 1 3/4” long, 5/8” wide.

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