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GLORIOUS BANDS OF BEAUTY ( Victorian Jewelry Banded Agate Brooch / Pin ): Because of Queen Victoria's love of all things Scottish, agate was a favored stone for Victorian jewelry and banded agate is particularly beautiful. This Antique Banded Agate Brooch is unusually complex in its design with a lovely surprise when viewed from any angle. It is composed of a large central oval “bull's eye” agate surrounded by nine perfectly round smaller stones set so that circumferential wide white bands on each – all the same width – face forward. There are three cone-shaped dangles – again each with a wide white band around the center. The surprise is the wide variety of shapes and colors of the bull's eye of the nine smaller stones when viewed from any side. The colors range from honey and coffee to black. I have photographed both sides views as well as views from above and below. You can see for yourself how artistic was the craftsman who made this brooch. It has a sturdy gold colored metal circular backing supporting each of the 9 circular stones with three rings for the dangles and a horizontal band holding the original elongated pin and C clasp. It would be very striking on a velvet neck band. What a glorious find!

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Total length 2 1/2”. Circumference of circular part 1 1/4”, 1/2” deep.

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