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Victorian Jewelry: VJ216

MINIATURE MASTERPIECE ( Victorian Jewelry Essex Crystal Pug Dog Pendant ): It is hard to part with this exquisite reverse crystal carving of a precious pug. (c. 1880-1900) Beloved pets of Queen Victoria, she outlawed the cropping of pug’s ears. This 14KT Antique Pug Pendant is a superb example of a fine rock crystal cabochon which has been carved out from the back. The depressions left by the carving are then hand painted in very fine detail, becoming small paintings and sculptures in miniature. The painted area ,when viewed from the front, assumes a 3-dimensional effect. The facial features are wonderfully displayed and I find the tip of his tongue just peeking out adorable. Not that uncommon in pugs – our own pug, Jade, lets the tip slide out when she is tired. Also notice the large golden bell hanging from his necklace. The crystal is bezel set in gold, with a small ring serving as its bale. A larger ring could easily be substituted depending on the size of your chain. Most likely English in origin. These crystals now command spiraling prices and are highly sought after. A superb addition to your collection whether you love pugs or Victorian jewelry.

Condition: Excellent. Chain not included.
Size: Crystal 1" diameter, 1/4" deep.

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