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Victorian Jewelry: VJ194

SENSUOUS SLEEP ( Art Nouveau Jewelry Sterling Silver Brooch / Watch Pin ): In 1895 Samuel Bing turned his Oriental gallery in Paris into a gallery for a new style which gave the style its name L’Art Nouveau. The Art Nouveau style caught fire and burned with a passion for a short while at the turn of the century before it flamed out and died. (c. 1895-1910) Its rise and fall spanned less than 20 years, but it had quite an impact on jewelry history. Designed in the manner of Kerr or Unger, this dainty brooch shows the distinctive whiplash curves, a sensual female face, eyes closed in slumber wrapped in the stem of a poppy in full bloom. A fantasy woman under the influence of a sleep inducing poppy. A dream, a glimpse of secret pleasures, all swirling in and out of each other. The back has its original C clasp closure, is hallmarked “Sterling” with an undecipherable mark that appears to be two interlocking circles. The large silver hook is to use this brooch as a watch pin or locket holder. Mysterious and mesmerizing, this lady casts a spell over you.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: 1” round, just shy of 1/4" deep. (Small)


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