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Victorian Jewelry: VJ200

ON THE VERGE OF THE CENTURY ( Victorian Jewelry “Coral” Locket ): This oval Victorian Locket features a floral bouquet overlay of 18KT gold and silver. (c. 1900) The gold blossoms appear to be a rose, pansy, lilies-of-the-valley and a silver daisy. The blooms have a Japanese influence that gained in popularity as the Art Nouveau period began to catch fire. The locket itself and the original bale are formed of celluloid, invented in 1868 and quickly used by Victorian jewelers because of its light weight and availability. Celluloid had the ability to imitate tortoiseshell, ivory and coral. The soft radiance of the coral color is just stunning. The back of the locket has a gold hinged clear celluloid compartment that opens and closes securely. This compartment would have been used to hold a lock of hair or the image of a dear friend or loved one. You can almost see the turn of the century arriving in this unusual and scarce locket. The heady mix of the coral color teamed with silver and gold is a dynamite combination. Ladies, if you like lockets, this is not one you will see again. Rejoice in the opportunity to own a piece of history so old it looks new again.

Condition: Excellent. Slight wear to metal.
Size: With coral bale 2” long. Locket 1 1/2" high, 1 3/8” wide, 1/4" deep. Locket compartment 1 1/4” high, 7/8” wide. (Medium)

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