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Victorian Jewelry: VJ198

QUITE A CATCH ( Victorian Jewelry Raj Tiger Claw Brooch / Pin ): An elaborate souvenir of the Raj era in India, this Antique Four Tiger Claw Brooch is quite a grand reminder of the age when British “Great White Hunters” roamed India in search of trophies of their hunting prowess. (c. 1870-1900) Mounted in 9KT gold, the largest Tiger Claw has three smaller, free swinging claws suspended from it. All four claws have scalloped golden jackets that end in golden orbed tips. The original C clasp closure remains, the end of the large claw’s jacket is stamped “9CT” and these were probable set in England, possibly from more than one hunt. I have never seen this claw brooch design before – it appears sleek and modern. Quite a catch – in more ways than one! A reminder of the British quest for the exotic. An extremely handsome piece, literally dripping with style, to add to your Victorian Jewelry collection. (It is a perfect match with VJ199 – the “Dainty Raj Mementos” Earrings.)

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Top claw is 1 3/8” wide, 2” long with dangles, 1/4" deep at top. (Medium)


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