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Victorian Jewelry: VJ197

RULER OF THE SKIES ( Victorian Jewelry Eagle & Diamond Brooch / Watch Pin / Pendant ): Perceived as the ruler of the skies, the eagle rises above the earth and soars to the heavens. Superbly crafted in 18KT yellow gold, this ethereal eagle brooch shows the symbolic bird with wings spread in flight, feathers carefully detailed, each one overlapping the other. (c. 1880 - 1900) His face, beak and eyes are masterfully rendered in three dimensions, his mighty talons seem ready to catch any unsuspecting prey. His powerful beak firmly grasps a prong set diamond that is free swinging. Perhaps the bright and shiny diamond is the prey his keen eye caught sight of as he surveyed his domain. The strength and majesty of the independent eagle are reasons why it was chosen as the symbol of the birth of our new nation – the United States of America! (Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey – thank goodness he was overruled.) You can wear this elegant eagle as a brooch, a watch pin or even as a pendant. On the back there is a nice C clasp closure with a point guard for tip of pin, a hook to suspend a companion piece and the wing tips have tiny rings where a chain could be attached. Birds were an image that nature minded Victorians coveted. This magical creature is timeless as he defines the past, present and the future.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Wing tip to wing tip 2 1/2", 1” high, 1/2" deep. The diamond has not been removed for carat size. (Medium)

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