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Victorian Jewelry: VJ188

CLAW QUARTET ( Victorian Jewelry Tiger Claw Brooch / Pin ): An elaborate souvenir of the Raj era in India, this 4 Tiger Claw Brooch is quite a grand reminder of the age when British “Great White Hunters” roamed India in search of trophies of their hunting prowess. Definitely mounted in India (c. 1870-90), the top two claws are pointed downward with the addition of 2 golden orbs hanging from chains. The lower two claws are suspended upwards with a golden draped chain linking the two claws near their points. Golden tendrils, leaves and wire flowers decorate the brooch in a manner perfected by Indian craftsmen. There are small blue Indian sapphires at the center of each flower. The brooch is gold plated and the back retains its original C clasp closure. Quite a catch – in ways more than one! A reminder of the British quest for the exotic. I like to picture the lucky Victorian lady who wore this Antique Brooch and who was certainly the envy of her friends. A handsome piece, dripping with style, to add to your jewelry collection.

Condition: Very good. One claw liner is missing – not really noticeable. A few leaves probably surrounded the top flower. Tiny loops on the sides of the two small claws indicate that there was once something more to this brooch.
Size: 2” high, 1 3/4" wide, 1/4” deep.

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