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Victorian Jewelry: VJ184

RAJ CAT CLAW EARRINGS ( Victorian Jewelry Raj Claw Earrings ): The period of English rule in India, from 1858 until 1947, has become known as the British Raj. All manner of jewelry was produced in India and marketed to the British. Exotic and intriguing, this pair of Victorian Cat Claw Earrings – most likely those of a Bengal Tiger – are inset into a jacket of 9KT gold. (c. 1890) The gold has been skillfully engraved with scroll work. The curve of the claw is incased in gold and each tip ends in a golden orb. The claws are suspended from chain links of gold and retain the original shepard’s hook pierced ear wires ornamented with an orb of gold. When you move your head these earrings “dance” in your ears. Collectors have made these Antique Indian mounted claws all the rage in Fashion again. High end costume jewelry designers, like Kenneth Jay Lane, have recreated the look of these delicate earrings for today’s market. Earrings are much rarer than the claw pins and these dainty mementos are an unforgettable example of the Victorian quest for the exotic.

Condition: Excellent. Hallmarked “9C” gold. There is some drying of the claws due to their organic nature.
Size: Small. From orb on ear wire to bottom of claw 1 1/4" long, 5/8” wide, 1/8” deep. Claw alone is 7/8” long.

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