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Victorian Jewelry: VJ183

TIMELESS FLASH & FIRE GARNETS ( Victorian Jewelry Bohemian Garnet Brooch / Pin ): The history and mystery of garnets is, I believe, part of their charm. Garnet is the birth stone for January, but desired by all collectors of Victorian Jewelry. The stone received its name from the Latin word for pomegranate because it reminded early scientists of pomegranate seeds. The 19th Century was the peak of Bohemian Garnet Jewelry – mined from the mountains of Bohemia (present-day western Czech Republic). Placed closely together, the garnets produced a brighter and a deeper color than when set singularly. So it is with this fiery Victorian Antique Brooch, set with a marvelous raised cluster of garnets upon garnets. (c. 1870) Circular in form the deep wine garnet stones are placed in a tier five layers deep, producing a highly domed effect of brilliantly flashing garnets. The small stones are faceted rounds dominated by six large cabochon garnets. The gems are all closed back and, as is characteristic for this type of jewelry, have all been set into rose gold gilt over silver (commonly referred to as “garnet gold”). The reverse of this timeless brooch has an early replacement safety clasp closure and a replacement pin stem. During the Victorian era, Western cultures believed that garnets would enrich the blood and provide the wearer with a long & healthy life. Highly coveted by collectors, this is a dazzling, sparkling example of antique garnet jewelry at its best.

Condition: Excellent. You can see the natural inclusions within the large garnets.
Size: 1 3/8” in diameter, raised 1/2" high.

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