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Victorian Jewelry: VJ181

CANDLELIGHT SPARKLERS ( Victorian Jewelry Cut Steel Earrings ): These large dangling Cut Steel Earrings for pierced ears are a stunning example of Victorian cut steel jewelry. (c.1860-70) Probably French in origin, these large light weight fully articulated earrings shimmer and glint from every angle – all of the free swinging parts allow for maximum glitter!. Used as an alternative for the look and impact of early cut diamonds, cut steel in jewelry became a highly refined process. Each small steel bead or stud is hand cut, faceted, polished and painstakingly riveted onto a metal (typically brass) back piece. The steel studs are densely set to provide remarkable brilliance. (Our photos can not nearly capture the true appearance.) As the light dances from one facet to another, you can imagine the sparkling effect when worn swirling at a ball. The original hook earring backs have been replaced with posts at some time in the earlier history of the elegant earrings. These beauties are certainly “eye dazzlers”! We often think of steel being durable – in actuality cut steel did not often survive the centuries and earring of this material are extremely difficult to obtain. Naturally this has made them highly prized by collectors. Simply divine and flattering to every face, the condition of these earrings is remarkable. Picture wearing these to dinner parties or the ballet. All eyes will be on you!

Condition: Excellent. No rust. One tiny cut steel bead is missing from one of the marquise shaped dangles. No visible to the naked eye. Earring backs are newer and larger – easier to handle.

Size: 2 3/4" long from the top, 1 3/4" at widest point.

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