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BANDS OF BEAUTY ( Victorian Jewelry Banded Agate Earrings ): One of my favorite Victorian stones is Banded Agate, a variety of quartz. These large, highly polished black and white agate earrings (with just a bit of dark chocolate) are a matched set with bands of white running through the orbs. The top bead is a bit smaller than the bottom bead, making a lovely balanced pair of pierced earrings. (English, c. 1860-80) There are small black beads above and between the banded agate spheres. The metal findings are Sterling Silver with the ear wires being a later, but appropriate, replacement. The stark simplicity of banded agate has made these earrings a timeless example of understated elegance. Perfect with casual wear or velvet for today’s woman of style.

Condition: Excellent. A few minor scuffs of wear.
Size: From the top of the ear wires 2 1/2" long, top bead 5/8” diameter, bottom bead 3/4".

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