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THE ENCHANTMENT OF CORAL ( Victorian Jewelry Carved Coral Bracelet with Locket Clasp ): Coral presents a certain mystery: first it was pronounced a mineral, then a vegetable and today it is declared an animal. Regardless of its nature, coral has been a symbol of beauty, hope and protection against evil since classical times. Naples was the center of the coral trade and entire villages were engaged in the making of coral beads and drops. Carvers were employed to do the intricate work involved in this exquisite Victorian carved coral link bracelet. (c. 1850-60) Eight fully rounded carved tubular shaped links alternate with three floral carved squares. All of the caps and settings are 10KT gold and the coral itself is a mellow red-orange color. The enchanting engraved heart shaped coral locket clasp holds dark brown hair. (Visible through the glass on the back side.) It is probably a sentimental piece, possibly a sweetheart bracelet. This bracelet will fit a medium wrist. Coral has become increasingly expensive as the seas have been stripped of this irreplaceable marine treasure. Always flattering and feminine, Antique Coral Jewelry remains seductive and alluring. The intricate carving in this bracelet could not be repeated today. A bracelet exactly like this one is pictured on page 33 of Vivienne Becker’s invaluable book: “Antique and 20th Century Jewellery”.

Condition: Excellent. The coral is flawless.

Size: Bracelet measures 7 1/4” from ring to ring, not including the heart locket clasp. The heart measures 1/2”, not including the wire loop spring clasp. This bracelet will fit a medium wrist.


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