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Victorian Jewelry:VJ171

BRITISH RAJ LEGACY ( Victorian Jewelry Tiger Claw Brooch / Pin ): In 1876 Queen Victoria was proclaimed Empress of India. British colonization of India began with the transfer of control from the East India Company to that of the British government. That period of rule, from 1858 until 1947, has come to be known as the British Raj and it has gifted us with an exotic legacy – the style of jewelry know as Raj. The “Great White Hunters” made their mark on fashion jewelry which was frequently sent home as mementos of their hunting expertise. In this feminine and appealing double Antique Tiger Claw brooch the regal claws are clad in 9KT rose gold jackets. Each claw has rose gold orbs at the tip. The reverse reveals the original riveted hinge and pin stem with an early safety clasp replacement. The brooch is British or Raj Indian in origin. (c. 1900-1910) Included is a lovely dark blue leather box with gold embossed motif and a spring catch. It is in excellent condition and appears to be original to the brooch. The satin interior of the box reads “Penlington & Batty, Diamond Merchants, Liverpool & Manchester.” Above that is their crown & anchor hallmark with a banner stating “WATCHMAKERS TO THE ADMIRALTY”.

Condition: Excellent.

Size: 2” wide, 7/8” high. Each claw is 1 1/2” long, 1/8” deep.


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