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SHIMMERING BUTTERFLY TAKES FLIGHT ( Victorian Cut Steel Jewelry Butterfly Brooch / Pin ): This glittering Victorian Cut Steel Butterfly Brooch will make your heart beat faster. (c.1860-80) Cut steel has a long history of its very own admirers – revered in the 17th Century and again quite popular in the Victorian period. Used as an alternative for the look of early cut diamonds, cut steel jewelry is a highly refined process. Each small steel bead or stud is hand cut, faceted, polished and painstakingly riveted onto a metal (typically brass) back piece. Think of the work involved! The Victorian era with its “cult of nature” birds and butterflies took flight as a popular motif in Victorian jewelry. The butterfly symbolizes the soul in resurrection – nothing was ever simple to the Victorians! This enchanting butterfly brooch glimmers and sparkles, creating an almost 3-dimensional effect with its wings in two layers. The back retains its original C clasp and pin stem. Notice all of the rivet work on the back. English or French in origin. Resist the temptation to shade your eyes as the light dances from one facet to the other. (Our photos cannot nearly capture the true effect.) In the last few years Antique Cut Steel Jewelry has gained increasing popularity. Amongst collectors the demand for these pieces is high. Condition: Very good to Excellent. Very small amount of expected patina, no beads missing. Size: 2” wide, 1 ½” high, ¼” deep with wing lift.


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