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THE CALL OF THE SEA ( Victorian Jewelry Coral Brooch / Pin & Earrings Set ): Coral presents a certain mystery: first it was pronounced a mineral, then a vegetable and today it is declared an animal. Regardless of its nature, coral has been a symbol of beauty, hope and protection against evil since classical times. This set of jewelry is a perfect example of the classic simplicity which was a guiding influence in this style of Victorian coral ornaments. (1840-60) Entire villages in Italy were engaged in the making of coral beads, drops and spheres, such as you see here. This set is an exquisite shade of light salmon (more pink than orange) with swirls of white visible. The brooch is comprised of 3 different sizes of slightly flattened polished spheres with a center elongated oval drop. The matching earrings have 2 sizes of spheres with three beautiful free swinging drops. The fresh water pearls are replacements for the original coral spheres lost in the past. The pearls make a very lovely paring with the coral. Set in jeweler tested 10KT gold, both the shepard’s hook ear wires and the C clasp pin stem have an indiscernible hallmark stamped on them. It is unusual to find a set still intact. The earrings were often taken apart and sold as pendants. Coral has become increasingly expensive as the seas have been stripped of this irreplaceable marine treasure. Always flattering and feminine, Antique Coral Jewelry remains seductive and alluring. Condition: Excellent. Coral is flawless. On the back of the brooch you can see the tiny loops that once held four other dangles. Size: Brooch is 5/8” round, 2 1/2” long with drop, 1/2” deep. Earrings hang 2” long, 5/8” wide, 1/4” deep.


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