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Victorian Jewelry:VJ162

DOUBLE BUCKLE BEAUTY ( Victorian Jewelry Sterling Buckle Locket ): One of the best Antique Buckle Lockets I have ever seen, this beauty comes from my personal collection. Oh, how the Victorians loved “message” jewelry. This irresistible English Sterling Silver double strap and buckle locket sent the message “we go together” or “you make me complete”. The buckle theme was used as both a lover’s pledge and a friendship token. Silver jewelry regained favor in the waning years of the 19th Century and these pieces of message jewelry were all the rage. (c. 1880-90) Imbued with unity and harmony, the front of this locket is engraved with ivy foliage designs probably marking a close friendship. The edges are deep cut scallops and decorative wire twists frame the two applied buckles. The multiple British assay marks on the flat back (the “lion passant” is the symbol for Sterling Silver, the “anchor” the assay mark for Birmingham) confirm the desirability of this piece. The makers mark reads “J & F. S”. The inside retains its photo liners and celluloid covers awaiting photos or a remembrance keepsake. It is also marked with the symbol for Sterling Silver and snaps closed securely. The good sized and thick bale (marked with the “lion” Sterling Silver mark) will accommodate a nice sized chain or neck wire collar. This beautifully crafted locket with its enduring appeal is as wearable today as it was over a century ago. From Ralph Lauren to the pages of "Elle" magazine, the timeless beauty of lockets like this one will always look classic and chic. Condition: Excellent. Some fine scratches – they are antique, too, and not visible to the naked eye. Size: Including bale 2 ½” high, 1 ½” wide, ½” deep.

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