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HEAVENLY ENAMEL ( Art Nouveau Jewelry Cloisonné Enamel Angel / Cherub Brooch / Pin ): I have to say it – this is a dream piece! I have never seen another brooch like this one. It is an exquisite example of French craftsmanship from the Art Nouveau period. (c. 1890-1917) This large slightly domed Antique Portrait Brooch is an enameled design on Sterling Silver. (Enamel is a glass-like mixture of silica, quartz, borax, feldspar and lead. Firing at a temperature of 1700 degrees Fahrenheit is required to melt the mixture to the setting.) The Feathered Cherub in the center oval is a multi-colored portrait in enamel with a buildup of enamel on the wings to add an actual raised dimensional effect. There are wonderful trumpet flowers and intricate curves of leaves and other blossoms covering the surface of the brooch. The floral design work around the Cherub is executed in an enamel technique called cloisonné. In cloisonné work a design is drawn on the article and traced with fine silver wire. The wire forms partitions into which the enamel mixture is poured. Since powdered enamel tends to shrink when fired, several firings are necessary for each color. After all the colors are fired, the enamel is polished off even with the top of the wire. The band around the edge of the frame, as well as the oval encircling the portrait, is white enamel. All of the swirling floral designs are ivory colored enamel with an iridescent metallic surface around it. The Cherub, floating on clouds in a blue and ivory sky, is accented with blush cheeks and golden brown hair. Marked “Sterling” the original C clasp closure is in place. An ethereal and unforgettable work of art. Of museum quality, this breathtaking enamel brooch will captivate you and steal your heart away! Condition: Excellent. No chips, cracks or scratches on the portrait. The apparent dark spots on the back are reflections. Size: 3” high, 2 ½” wide.


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