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Victorian Jewelry: VJ159

DELICATE PEACOCK EYE RING ( Arts & Crafts Jewelry Peacock Eye Sterling Silver Ring ): This seductive “Peacock Eye” Ring is the embodiment of the Arts & Crafts Movement. (c. 1890-1920) The peacock eye motif was associated with the Aesthetic Movement that included the Pre-Raphaelites of the art world. You can see peacock feathers in many of their exquisite medieval style paintings. The practitioners of the Arts & Crafts Movement were revivalists of a sort, but they re-interpreted the past. They rebelled against the excesses of Victorian ornamentation. In jewelry the intrinsic values of the materials was of secondary importance to design and workmanship. Most Arts & Crafts artisans preferred silver to gold and cabochon cut gemstones to faceted ones. This dazzling blue and green “peacock eye” is hand crafted foiled glass. There is currently a growing interest in the Arts & Crafts style and principals. These “peacock eye” pieces are in high demand and difficult to find. I love their unique iridescent shine and intense colors. This is the first Sterling Silver mounted peacock eye ring I have had. (Marked “Sterling”) The oval domed “eye” is bezel set high above the mount. The top and bottom of the setting are decorated with delicate forget-me-not flowers. The triple split shank band features tiny markings almost like squares, perhaps miniature snake scales. The ring band is narrow (1/16" wide), but could be sized. This Antique Peacock Eye Ring is a ring size 6 1/4. Delicate, almost lace like in appearance, this ring is a rare treasure. A special ring for a lady looking for an authentic Arts & Crafts Period jewel.

Condition: Excellent. No chips.
Size: 1” high, 1/2” wide, 1/4” deep. The center “eye” measures 3/4” high, 3/8” wide. This is a ring size 6 1/4.


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