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TAJ MAHAL – THE JEWEL OF INDIA ( Victorian Jewelry Taj Mahal Ivory Portrait Miniature Brooch ): I am offering a gorgeous Antique Brooch from my personal collection. It is a large sumptuous painted ivory view of the Taj Mahal, India’s most famous architectural wonder. (c. 1880) The Taj was commissioned by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife. As a tribute to a beautiful woman and as a monument for enduring love, construction began in 1631 and was completed in 22 years. Within the onion shaped dome lies the jewel inlaid cenotaph of the queen. The beauty of this brooch is enhanced by the addition of the large reflection pool, luscious greenery and puffy clouds floating in a blue sky. The Taj is so delicately painted that it has an almost lace-like quality. The ivory miniature is bezel set high above the ornate engraved, jeweler tested 10KT gold setting. Once India became part of the British Empire Victorians flocked to India to see this highlight of their “grand tour”. The painted miniatures were brought home and mounted extravagantly in London. Both the front and back are covered with beveled glass and the back of the painting contains a compartment where a photo or hair memento could be placed. The elongated pin stem may be an early replacement. The closure is a C clasp with an extra curl that acts like a safety clasp. The tiny ring at the top is where a safety chain was attached. All of the romance you could possibly want, this brooch would be a treasured part of any collection. What a perfect gift of Love! Condition: Excellent. A touch of dust under the glass and a tiny nibble to the glass cover at 3 o’clock – not visible to the naked eye. The colors are fresh and vivid. Size: Entire brooch 2 5/8” wide, 2 1/8” high, 5/8” deep. Painting is 1 7/8” wide 1 1/2“ high.


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