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LUSTROUS TORTOISESHELL CRESCENT ( Antique Victorian Jewelry Tortoiseshell Brooch / Pin ): This dazzling designed Victorian brooch is made of polished Tortoiseshell. (c. 1870) The Victorians were very fond of Tortoise and used it for hair ornaments, combs, brushes, fans and small boxes – as well as jewelry. Tortoiseshell is molded using heat and then polished. It was considered appropriate for mourning after Prince Albert’s death. Most common in jewelry were lustrous-feeling chains, lockets, earrings and brooch sets. This large inverted crescent has graduated beading along the top curve. There is a long drop that dangles from the inside of a beaded edge horseshoe shape. The drop at the bottom has been hand carved. The pin back has the original C clasp closure. Nature’s palette is combined with a classical design to produce this captivating Antique Victorian Brooch.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Entire brooch hangs 3 ½” long, 2 ¼” wide. Dangle drop chain is 2” long. Crescent is ¼” deep.

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