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Victorian Jewelry: VJ150

FEATHERED WINGS OF LOVE ( Victorian Jewelry Tortoise Shell Cupid Brooch / Pin ): Recently all antique organic materials have sky-rocketed in price due to the rising interest among collectors and ban on the sale of materials like tortoise shell and ivory. From my personal collection, I am able to offer you this exquisite Victorian Tortoise Shell Cupid brooch. (c. 1860-70) The versatility of Tortoise Shell, with its rich colors, has helped to make it one of the most popular, sought after materials to come from the sea. Its natural markings are patches of translucent sherry-gold, amber, dark brown and even black. Notice the delicacy of every feather in his wings (tips are intact) and the depth of his face, framed with thick curls. The back retains its original C clasp closure. This sculptural tortoise shell Cupid brooch is a highly sought after motif. Wearing it demonstrates that you are a serious and knowledgeable collector of fine Victorian jewelry. It looks stunning on ivory lace or smart and chic on shades of blue and green. Photos do not do justice to this brooch. I don’t know if I will ever have another piece like this. Condition: Excellent. A few tiny marks – they are antique, too! Size: 3” wide, 2” high, ½” deep.

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