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Victorian Jewelry: VJ141

RAJ RHINOS & TIGERS: ( Victorian Jewelry Tiger Claw Cufflinks ): One of the many seemingly odd Victorian traits was their unending appetite for exotic jewelry from exotic places. These wonderful Antique English Sterling Silver Tiger Claw and Rhinoceros Cufflinks illustrates the rage for items from India (c. 1880 – 90). In 1876 Victoria was proclaimed the Empress of India, so it is not surprising that Mogul jewelry and elaborately set tiger claws made their appearance. The “Great White Hunters” made their mark on fashion – jewelry and other small objects were frequently sent home as mementos of their hunting expertise. This versatile pair of tiger claws is set in Sterling mounts, the tips enclosed by tiny Sterling Silver balls. (They slip easily in & out of your cuffs.) At the other end of the chain links is a very detailed little 3 dimensional rhinoceros - the horn projecting above his head. The cat claws combined with the rhinos achieve a most unusual and elegant, yet whimsical, effect. Most of the tiger claw jewelry was made into pendants or brooches for wives and sweethearts, but this unusual set of cufflinks was certainly intended for the hunter himself or a male family member. The top edge of the silver claw mount is marked “Silver”.  Both striking and eye-catching – these reminders of the Raj will get attention in any crowd. What a story they tell! Condition: Excellent. No drying of claws. Slight wear on silver. Size: Claw – 1 1/8” long, 1/2”high, 1/8” deep. Rhino – 3/4” long, 3/8” high, 1/8” deep. Chain links – 5/8” long.


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