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Victorian Jewelry: VJ140

ETERNITY & POWER ( Victorian Jewelry Vulcanite Snake Brooch ): Since the dawn of time body adornment and symbolism have been linked hand-in-hand. Only very recently has jewelry become more of a fashion statement and lost its underlying symbolic meaning. This majestic Antique Snake in Hand brooch reeks of Victorian symbolism. The hand has been used as a powerful token by almost every known culture. The snake, equally powerful, conveys everlasting love, eternity, power and passion. Made of Vulcanite, this snake is finely detailed – every scale visible – with its strong head, eyes and mouth meticulously rendered. The hand clasps the snake firmly – fingers wrapped around the serpent’s body. A bit of the lady’s cuff peeks out as the snake coils around her wrist. A combination that is unbeatable. There is a screw C clasp pin back with a safety slide on the pin stem. If you collect hands or snakes this is a highly sought after collector’s trophy.  Condition: Excellent. Color is a deep black.  Size: 3 1/2”long, 1” high, 1/2” deep.

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