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Victorian Jewelry: VJ138

FEATHERED FISHERMAN ( Victorian Jewelry Silver Bird Brooch ): Victorians exhibited an intense interest in nature - especially flowers, butterflies and birds. This delightful Sterling Silver Victorian Brooch is unusual in that it depicts a feathered kingfisher in the act of devouring a little silver fish. (c. 1850-1870) The long, tapering beak and powerful body are perfect for fishing and speed. His sharp hunting eye is a tiny garnet. Every feather is perfectly rendered he even has a tiny clawed foot. Some species of this exotic bird sport the iridescent blue feathers that were so highly prized by the Chinese and used to create delicate and fragile kingfisher jewelry and decorative headpieces. An English brooch, this bird has a full set of hallmarks on the back plus a removable clear compartment for a personal memento. A replacement safety clasp is a long ago addition. Regal and exotic, yet with a touch of whimsy, this Antique Kingfisher Pin creates a striking visual effect on your jacket. He is superb on black velvet. Condition: Excellent. Box is not original and is not for sale. Size: 2 1/4 wide, 1 high, just over 1/4 deep.

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