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Victorian Jewelry: VJ133

CORAL HAND OF FAITH ( Victorian Jewelry Coral & Gold Brooch / Pin ): Hand collector’s alert! Here is a sweetly feminine Victorian carved coral hand holding a gold cross. (c. 1840-60) The elaborately engraved cuff tests 14 KT gold and is decorated with an enameled blue/black floral spray. A black enamel accent trim runs around the entire cuff. The yellow gold cross, suspended from a chain, is marked “?K”. The number is worn and not legible as to whether it is 10 or 14 KT gold. The coral hand is real Mediterranean Coral beautifully carved both front and back. The fist has the thumb folded over four fingers. There is a replacement safety catch closure. As both a spiritual and a decorative example of Victorian values, this brooch is an unusual and exquisite piece of a skilled jeweler’s art. Add this rare and elegant hand to your collection. You won’t see it again. Condition: Excellent. Only slight surface wear. There has been some early repair work done on the enamel, but it is only visible under magnification. Size: Cuff, hand and cross 2 3/4” long. Curved cuff is 1 1/8” wide.

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