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Victorian Jewelry: VJ128

GRAY MISTS OF SCOTLAND ( Victorian Scottish Jewelry Brooch ): Songs and stories immortalize the fierce and turbulent past that still haunts the Scottish soul. This magnificent Victorian Scottish Pennanular Brooch represents the best of the fashion for “all things Scottish”. (c. 1850-1870) Pennanular Brooches (broken ring) like this one were used to secure the clan’s Tartan plaid to the left shoulder of the Scottish Highlander. The large pin portion is used to pierce through the fabric and emerge near the bottom to hold a large portion of gathered fabric in place. The pin can swivel to a variety of positions. The English adopted them to secure the brilliant Indian shawls fashionable at the time. Inlayed with Montrose Agate (striated gray), this brooch is bezel set with 3 large faceted stones - possibly Cairngorm quartz, but they could also be citrines. The faceted stone on the top is a citrine. The rounded Sterling Silver setting has delicate chased designs on both the front and the back. The silver is unmarked, perfectly normal for the time period. Meticulously crafted, this Antique Brooch is filled with history. As wearable today as it was over a century ago. Condition: Excellent. A tiny piece of silver banding is missing at 4 o’clock. Not visible to the naked eye. Size: 3” high, 2 1/8” wide, 3/4” deep settings for bezel set faceted citrines.

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