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BRILLIANT & EXOTIC PEACOCK EYE ( Edwardian Jewelry Peacock Eye Ring ): This luscious oval 10KT Gold Ring is set with a breathtaking cabochon known as a “Peacock” Eye. The inside of the ring band is engraved with the date “1912”. These brilliantly colored glass stones were hand made of blue and green foiling to resemble the center or “eye” of a peacock tail feather. At the turn of the century the British Arts and Crafts Movement and the French Art Nouveau Style caught fire and burned with a passion for a short while, but had quite an impact  on jewelry history. (c. 1890-1920) The two styles have much in common: the use of inexpensive gemstones and other materials, the “whiplash” curve, motifs taken from nature and the Japanese influence. This may explain the difficulty in determining which elements constitute which style. The curved gold detail work on each side of the Peacock Eye seems to me to indicate that this ring is an example of the Art Nouveau style – although the two styles can be mixed together in one piece. It is a radiant and superb example of turn of the century art jewelry. Condition: Excellent. Size: Oval peacock eye cabochon is 5/8” high, 3/8” wide, 1/4” deep. Ring shank at the back is 1/8” wide. Ring size is 6 1/4.

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