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Victorian Jewelry: VJ125

HANDS ACROSS TIME ( Victorian Jewelry “Coral” Locket / Necklace ): The hand is a recurring romantic symbol in Victorian Jewelry. It had a variety of meanings depending on how it was depicted. I was lucky to find this outstanding “hand of love and friendship” locket that is both feminine and appealing. (c. 1868-80) This oval Antique Locket features a delicate hand holding a paste stone and decorated with an ornate cuff. I believe that the cuff and bale are made of brass. The soft radiance of the Coral Color is just stunning. The hand and locket are formed of celluloid, invented in 1868 and quickly used by Victorian jewelers because of its light weight and availability. The back of the locket has a hinged clear celluloid compartment that opens and closes securely. This compartment would have been used to hold a lock of hair or the image of a dear friend or loved one. The long Victorian style beaded necklace is made of genuine coral. Your can pin the beads to you shoulder and let the locket hang, as was often done. Or you can remove the locket from the beads, wear the beads doubled, and put the locket on a short chain so that it hangs below the double strand of beads. This is a scarce locket that hand collectors will rejoice in owning. It is simply a wonderful example of the romantic period of Victorian jewelry. Condition: Excellent. The coral beads have been re-strung and now have a spring ring closure. Size: Locket (minus bale) is 1 7/8” long, 1 1/2” wide, 1/2” deep. Coral bead necklace is 37” long.

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