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CLASSIC BANDED BEAUTY ( Victorian Jewelry Banded Agate Cross Pendant ): One of my favorite Victorian stones is banded agate, a variety of quartz. It can be clear or variegated, with the colors arranged in layered stripes such as banded agate – usually black, brown and white. This beautiful English high quality Antique Cross Pendant is set with six fabulous matching banded ovals. The left half of each is opaque brown and the right half a semi-translucent light caramel color, best seen on the side views. (c. 1860-80) The setting is silver plated. The stark simplicity of banded agate has made it a timeless example of understated elegance. Perfect with a suit or sweater for today’s woman of style. Condition: Excellent. Some wear to silver plated back. Size: 3” long, 2” wide, 1/4” deep.

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