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ARTS & CRAFTS “PEACOCK EYES” ( Arts and Crafts Jewelry Peacock Eye Earrings ): This pair of sleek and seductive “Peacock Eye” earrings is the embodiment of the Arts & Crafts Movement. (c. 1890-1920) The peacock eye motif was associated with the Aesthetic Movement that included the Pre-Raphaelites of the art world. You can see peacock feathers in many of their exquisite medieval style paintings. The practitioners of the Arts & Crafts Movement were revivals of a sort, but they re-interpreted the past. They rebelled against the excesses of Victorian ornamentation. In jewelry the intrinsic values of the materials was of secondary importance to design and workmanship. Most Arts & Crafts artisans preferred silver to gold and cabochon cut gemstones to faceted ones. These dazzling blue and green “peacock eyes” are hand crafted foiled glass. There are matching rounded glass beads at the top and silver “bullet” pointed drops dangle from the bottom. The original silver shepherd's hooks are long and graceful. There is currently a growing interest in the Arts & Crafts style and principals. These “peacock eye” pieces are in high demand and difficult to find. I love their unique iridescent shine and intense colors. Special earrings for a lady who knows how to create her own unique style. Condition: Excellent. Size: 2” long, 3/8” wide. The center “eye” measures 1/2” high, 3/8” wide.

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