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Victorian Jewelry: VJ113

MYSTERIOUS MOONSTONES ( Edwardian Jewelry Moonstone Bracelet ): Seventeen round cabochons of moonstones sit side-by-side in Sterling Silver mounts in this cool and mysterious bracelet. (c. 1920) The moonstone is a variety of feldspar which is very light and delicate in appearance. It is nearly colorless, but with a milky depth that often takes on bluish, gray and white tones. The vogue for colorless gems came into fashion in the 1880’s and is one of the distinctive materials of the Edwardian (Belle Époque) period. Frequently set in silver, it echoed the Arts & Crafts movement with its use of cabochon cut stones, rather than faceted colored gemstones. The graduated moonstones in this elegant bracelet are referred to as “Cat’s Eye” moonstones. When examined closely, each one has a vertical white line (seen well in photos). Each stone is set into a Sterling Silver coronet claw mount – so light and airy. The clasp is a V-spring and box clasp. Press down on the V-spring and pull out of the box clasp to open. A heavenly form to grace your wrist. The subtle interplay of light in the moonstones is both alluring and haunting. Condition: Excellent. No flea bites. Size: 7 5/8” long when clasped. Center stone is 3/8” in diameter. Setting 3/8” deep.

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