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Victorian Jewelry: VJ112

GRAND AMPHORA URNS ( Victorian Jewelry Tortoiseshell Earrings ): I was thrilled to acquire these aristocratic and superbly crafted Antique Tortoiseshell Earrings. (c. 1860-70) The Romantic Period ended abruptly with the death of Prince Albert in 1861 and the beginning of the Civil War in the U.S.A. – causes for deep mourning on both sides of the Atlantic. By the 1860’s, Revivalism was in full swing. Women were wearing Etruscan-style amulets and other “classical” ornaments. The “Grand Period” of Victorian style had begun. Tortoiseshell emerged as a popular jewelry material. It as also considered suitable for half-mourning. These truly elegant tortoiseshell earrings in the shape of amphorae urns are suspended from round bead surmounts and have shepherd’s hook earwires. The popular amphora shape is derived from an ancient Greco-Roman handled urn with a tapered base. These are “book piece” earrings shown on Page 54 of “Warman’s Jewelry – 3rd Edition”. Animal rights were not a big issue in Victorian times. They thought the supply of nature’s bounty was endless. They were wrong. Highly desired by collectors, these earrings are a reminder of the simple and classical beauty produced by Victorian artisans. The very essence of 19th Century, you will treasure these earrings for another lifetime. Condition: Excellent and Rare. Size: 2  1/2” long, 1/2” wide. Bead and amphora are fully rounded.

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