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ENCHANTING CORAL CHRYSANTHEMUM ( Victorian Jewelry Coral Brooch ): Victorians wore coral constantly as a talisman against enchantments, witchcraft and Satan. Antique Coral pieces were very often carved in clusters of leaves and branches. The red chrysanthemum, meaning “I Love”, was a popular subject for Victorian coral carvings. (c. 1860) The central dimensional mum is surrounded with delicate details of tiny petals, roses, pomegranates, leaves and twigs. A large piece of branch coral forms the support for numerous delicate gold wire work pieces that support all of the tiny floral and leaf embellishments. It gives the brooch a light and airy look. Unfortunately, the delicacy of the carved pieces makes good examples rare. They just haven’t survived intact. Much of this type of fine carving work was done in Italy and it could not be repeated today. This piece was part of a large estate purchased in England. The gold extended pin back has a C clasp closure. There is a small wire hook at the bottom of the back of the brooch indicating that there may have been an added dangle piece at one time. The soft radiance of coral is both feminine and flattering. The marvelous delicacy of this brooch is certain to be admired by all. Condition: Excellent. Size: 2 1/4” wide, 1 1/2” high, 1” deep.

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